“Traveling worldwide is expensive” is a long-gone fallacy. You see people of any age take foreign holidays today and filling social networking sites with photos that makes you want to quickly hop on a train.

Let me provide you with the much-required study before you intend on packing your luggage. And here’s the listing of India’s lowest priced countries on the continent for a budget holiday that is a few hours away by airplane. The nations are classified on the basis of their currencies relative to Indian Rupees to make things easy.

It is about much more than economical flights to tick the budget box. You ought to go where you’ll get as less sleep and eat as you want to, too. We’re happy to help. Here are 10 world’s cheapest countries, from Caribbean beach bargains to divine street food that is indeed cheaper than chips. They must be at the top of the list until the planet is able to fly again.


List Of The Cheapest Countries To Visit:

  1. Laos 
  2. Sri Lanka
  3. Bhutan
  4. Nepal
  5. Philippines
  6. Cambodia
  7. Vietnam
  8. Thailand
  9. Turkey
  10. Singapore

Top 10 Cheapest Countries To Visit:


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Laos is a palette in Southeast Asia throughout all shades of green. Grim trees, light green rice farmlands, and glistening mountainous tea leave all create the scenery a delight for the eyes. It is also renowned for its Buddhist temples Buddhism and its French architectural design.

The cheapest choice for dorm rooms ranges from Rs 400-800 per night. Food is incredibly cheap, whether that’s high restaurants or costs starting from Rs 100-300 on the street corners. For just Rs 150-300, you can bike rentals for sightseeing in the region.


Sri Lanka:

18 Most-Visited Sri Lanka Tourist Places For Your 2021 Trip

Ravan’s Lanka, identified by Lonely Planet as the best country to visit in 2021, is renowned for its stunning beaches and delicious restaurants. To photography, the picturesque scenery, flora and fauna, agricultural lifestyle, and archaeological sites are a treat.

In Sri Lanka, visitors need to buy a permit to photograph the major historic monuments. Rs 500-700 should be adequate for a day if you are trying to travel on a financial budget. Per day, the stay could be as cheap as Rs. 700-1000. And, not to miss, that’s one of the cheapest countries to visit.


20 Top Places to See and Things to Do in Bhutan | Bhutan Tourism

Bhutan is positioned among both India and China, “Thunder Dragon”. It is identified to be the world’s happiest country. Tourists will immerse themselves in the great heritage and monasteries of the mountains and be part of the vibrant festivals of Bhutan.

The forest of the world can be visited by thrill-seekers. Based on the kind of options, prices for visits and food are usually close to what it will cost in India. This is one of India’s lowest priced countries to visit.


10 Best Places to Visit in Nepal (with Map & Photos) - Touropia

Nepal is famous for its natural and spiritual-cultural identity, tucked between both the Himalayas and forests. That’s the place for you if you’d like to escape to a land of stillness and peace.

There are many mountains for climbing and forest areas for adventuring seekers to explore and also among the cheapest and closest countries to visit from India. In Nepal, the estimated budget can be Rs 400 to 700 per day.


5 Absolute Best Places to Visit in the Philippines

The Philippines is a beach-dream lover’s heaven on earth. The Philippines is a country that could never be missed, with an avg of 700 islands, historic sites, majestic mountains,s, and fathomless beaches. Local transportation, accommodation, and food are less expensive.

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The big expense on a journey to the country is flight tickets. It is incredibly affordable for most people from India who are looking for cheaper countries to visit.


6 Best Places to Visit in Cambodia - lifeberrys.com

Cambodia is one of the cheapest travel destinations in Southeast Asia, known for its beautiful history, stunning coastlines, and cheap culinary delights. For a day in Cambodia, an average of Rs 800 is adequate.

It is possible to obtain a Cambodian visa online within 4 days. Among both India and Cambodia, the actual distance is 2,912 km. It takes approximately 3.23 hours by a plane ride to arrive.


7 Best Places worth Visiting in Northern Vietnam - TNK Travel

Vietnam is one of the jewels of Southeast Asia and has lush forests, towns, and beautiful beaches. It is renowned for its lengthy tradition and its history of distinction. If you want to stay in a backpacking hostel, you can only pay Rs 1000 per night for your stay.

In mid-range restaurants, you might have a filling meal for around Rs 800. When you’re on a budget, it can cost you about Rs 500-700 each day to opt for cheaper alternatives. It is one of India’s most gorgeous and budget-friendly countries in the area.


8 Best Places To See in Thailand Before You Die - Insider Monkey

Thailand is the destination to go to if you’re really a beach fan, a party animal, a historical enthusiast or a foodie. With ticket prices only Rs 3200, the cheapest airport to fly to from India in Visakhapatnam.

In Thailand, lodging is very cheap, with hotel rooms costing only Rs 500. A tasty budget-friendly alternative costing not much more than Rs 200 is street foods. At prices as low as Rs 150, not much less, you will get a beer. Thailand was amongst India’s most convenient and easiest nations to visit.

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13 Best Places Near Istanbul To Visit On Your Turkey Vacay

One of the cheapest countries to visit and experience its elegance is Turkey. Because of its stunning coastline, historic history, vibrant society, thrilling activities, and cultural activities, it is a popular tourist destination.

Turkish citizens are a very good-looking group and can be models of high-end fashion. The cost of hotel rooms starts from Rs 1500 and can cost about Rs 500 for an average meal. It is incredibly cheap to travel inside the region, as local transport does not cost much anyway.


File:Marina Bay Sands, Singapore, at night - 20140608.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

Singapore is a lively, cosmopolitan city that offers a range of events, including a historical tour to the Chinatown Historical Site, a Singapore River cruise, Singapore Zoo tours, night safaris, and relaxing evening in the Marina Bay sector.

Depending on the option of venue, meals will start from Rs 500 and above. If it is scheduled in advance, Singapore could be one of the cheapest countries to visit flight ticket prices and hotel rooms are scheduled early.


The ever-growing list of travel wishes could place some strains on your wallet, but there are several locations where you can get more value for money. Here are 10 places you can travel to without spending a lot of money.

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