14 Best Places to Visit in Kashmir

14 best places to visit kashmir

14 Best Places to Visit in Kashmir, Srinagar is one of the most beautiful and famous destinations in Kashmir as well as one of the places to visit in India. Which is very famous even beyond India.

1. Srinagar – Heaven On Earth | Best Places to Visit in Kashmir

 It offers a diverse collection of activities ranging from boating to trekking, and bird watching to water skiing. The site is locally known as the “Idol of Mountains” ” and for a traveller, Srinagar is the first stop. Kashmir Dal Lake, the gem of the city, is the main one. Additionally, Srinagar offers Kashmiri food and a deep taste of the state’s cultural heritage.

dal lake in srinagar

Best Time To Visit Srinagar: June to October, and for snow you must visit Srinagar in December or January
Things To Do In Srinagar: Stay in the boat house, Visit the Mughal gardens, Dal Lake, Take the Shikara ride, Shankaracharya Temple

How To Reach Srinagar

By Air: Srinagar airport is well connected to all major cities of India. And you can easily take a direct flight to Srinagar. Can roam in Srinagar.
By Bus: Board a government or private bus to Srinagar.
By Train: Jammu is the nearest railway station.

Places To Stay Srinagar: Five Points, S Group of Houseboat, Shamus Javed Home Stay, Radisson Srinagar, Hotel Great Kashmir

Locations to Visit: Nishat Bagh, Dal Lake, & Mughal Gardens

2. Kupwara – The Delight Of Kashmir


Kupwara is a unique district nestled in the picturesque landscapes of Jammu and Kashmir. Which is about 90 kilometres away from the state capital Srinagar. The centre of attraction of the place is the breathtaking views of lush green meadows, majestic alpine peaks and crystal-clear streams, creating a picturesque and ethereal beauty in the middle of Kashmir.

Best Time To Visit: April to October
Things To Do Kupwara: Qamar Reshi, Sahib Shrine, Lolab valley, Sheikh Baba Behram

How To Reach Kupwara

Closest Airport: Take a flight to Srinagar Airport and then hire a cab to Kupwara.
Closest Bus Stand: Take a bus to Srinagar and then you can take a connecting bus to Kupwara.
By Train: Baramulla is the nearest railway station.

3. Pulwama – Natural Springs & Apple Orchards

A charming village in Jammu and Kashmir, known as the “Rice Bowl of Kashmir”. Which is a wonderful place to enjoy the true beauty of nature. This place is about 40 km from Srinagar. Which offers a lot of tourist places for first-time tourists. The weather of this city is pleasant, the fragrance of saffron fields is pleasant and the people are friendly. Pulwama is famous for its rich culture and saffron fields.

Best Time To Visit: April to October
Things To Do Pulwama: Mountaineering and trekking in the summers and skiing and snowboarding in the winters.

How To Reach Pulwama

By Air Pulwama: Take a flight to Srinagar Airport and then hire a cab.
By Bus: Take a bus to Pulwama as it is well-connected with all the cities.

Places To Stay Pulwama: Hotel Shuhrah-I-Afaq, Four Points, Hotel Six Seasons, Hotel Ashai

4. Aru Valley (7,920 ft.) in Kashmir

The nature of Aru Valley reflects the pleasant charm of a Windows wallpaper. Which earns its rightful place among the famous tourist places of Kashmir. Let this valley immerse you in its breathtaking landscapes, whether on a leisurely pony ride or a quiet walk. Kashmir is famous as a treasure trove of tourist places to visit. You taste authentic cuisine at roadside cafes. Best Places to Visit in Kashmir

If you are looking for peace, you know where to go – Aru Valley offers unmatched views of the Kashmir Valley. This is one of the best places in Kashmir for picnics. And you will not be able to enjoy enough of the beautiful natural views here.

Best time to visit: July to September
Famous For: Horse Rides, Picnic, Skiing, Fishing
Ideal Duration: 2-3 hours

How to Reach Aru Valley

Closest Airport: Sheikh ul Alam Airport (101 km)
Closest Railway Station: Srinagar Railway Station (105 km)
Closest Bus Stand: Pahalgam Bus Stand

5. Best Place in Yusmarg Valley (7,861 ft.)

Yusmarg, also known as Yusmarg. Which translates to ‘Meadows of Jesus’. It provides a pleasant departure from the famous hill stations of the country. According to legend, Lord Jesus once graced this area with his presence. This small hill town of Kashmir is a favourite place for those couples. Who wants to spend a peaceful time on honeymoon?

Best time to visit: April to June
Famous For Yusmarg: Doodhpathri, Tatakooti Peak, Nilnag, Hirpora Wildlife Century
Ideal Duration: 1-2 days

How to Reach Yusmarg

Closest Airport: Sheikh ul Alam Airport (47 km)
Closest Railway Station: Srinagar Railway Station (45 km)
Nearest Bus Stand: Nagbal Yusmarg Bus Stand

6. Pahalgam in Kashmir


Pahalgam is often seen as a glimpse of heaven on earth. the location of which is 2740 meters above sea level. Located about 95 kilometres from Srinagar, it is surrounded by dense forests, attractive lakes and meadows full of vibrant flowers. This place defines the essence of peace and tranquillity. Pahalgam has it as one of the most tranquil and stress-relieving destinations in Kashmir.

Best Time To Visit: June to October, December & January for snow
Things To Do In Pahalgam: Horseback riding, Betab and Aru Valleys, canoeing.

How To Reach Pahalgam

By Air: Take a flight to Srinagar Airport and then hire a cab to Pahalgam.
By Bus: Take a bus to Srinagar and then you can take a connecting bus to Pahalgam.
By Train: Jammu is the nearest railway station.

Places To Stay: Hotel Alpine K2, Eden Resorts & Spa, Hotel Island Pahalgam, Premier Pahalgam.

Places To Visit: Betab Valley, Mamal Temple, Sheshnag Lake.

7. Patnitop (6,640 ft.) in Kashmir

One of Kashmir’s most popular tourist destinations is Patnitop, where you may spend peaceful time with your loved ones. You may enjoy paragliding in Dawariyai on a clear winter’s day. Make a reservation for a game of golf at the 9-hole course (a big crowd-pleaser) if you visit during the summer. 14 Best Places to Visit in Kashmir

You may also take a relaxing swim in one of the three natural springs in the area, which are said to have therapeutic qualities. Patnitop stands out as a top-notch destination in Kashmir for unwinding and rejuvenation. Don’t miss the opportunity to savor a ‘Patisa’ made with pure ghee, a delicacy that will tantalize your taste buds with its delectable, melt-in-the-mouth texture, leaving you yearning for more.”

Best time to visit: September to October
Famous For: Patnitop Park, Natha Top, Dawariyai
Ideal duration: 1-2 days.

How to reach Patnitop

Nearest Airport: Jammu Airport (115 km)
Closest Railway Station: Udhampur Railway Station (46 km)
Nearest Bus Stand: Patnitop Bus Stand

8. Nigeen Lake (5,190 ft.) in Kashmir

Nigeen Lake, a clean lake in Srinagar, is a haven for those who enjoy being outdoors. To fully take in the amazing beauty and atmosphere, one must go on the Shikaara ride and stay on a houseboat. The lake is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Kashmir since it is surrounded by poplar and willow trees.

Best time to visit: May to June/September to October
Famous For Nigeen Lake: Shikaara ride, Houseboat stay, Tulip Garden tour, Sunset
Ideal duration: 1 day

How to reach Nigeen Lake

Nearest Airport: Jammu Airport (100 km)
Nearest Railway Station: Srinagar Railway Station (20 km)
Nearest Bus Stand: Srinagar Bus Stand

9. Shri Amarnath Cave Temple (12,756 ft.)
Amarnath Yatra 2022
Amarnath Yatra 2022

Within Hindus, the Shri Amarnath Cave Temple is one of Lord Shiva’s most adored locations. It is only open to visitors 60 days a year and is situated in Pahalgam. There is an ice-cast Lingham of Lord Shiva inside the temple. The temple is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Kashmir since hundreds of thousands of devotees travel there each year to seek blessings.

Best time to visit: June to August
Famous For: Amarnath Cave, Trekking, Photography
Ideal duration: 3-5 days

How to reach Shri Amarnath Cave

Nearest Airport: Srinagar Airport (72 km)
Nearest Railway Station: Jammu Railway Station (20 km)
Nearest Bus Stand: Srinagar Bus Stand

10. Doda – Mini Kashmir

“Endowed with a rich tapestry of landscapes, Doda beckons to both adventure enthusiasts and nature aficionados alike. Regardless of whether you are a novice or a seasoned adventurer, Doda presents itself as a hidden treasure. While it might not be as frequented by tourists, Doda is renowned for its two prominent Hindu shrines: Athra Devi Temple and Chandi Mata Temple.”

Best Time To Visit: Summer
Things To Do Doda: Trekking, mountaineering, rock climbing and temple visit.

How To Reach Doda

By Air Doda: Take a flight to Srinagar airport and then hire a cab to Doda.
By Train Doda: Udhampur is the nearest railway station.
Places To Stay Doda: Sarain Darbar Lodge, Hotel Doda Darbar, MK HOLIDAY INN BHADERWAH

11. Shalimar Garden – Photographer’s Paradise

The renowned Emperor Jehangir created this garden in 1616, specifically for his wife, Nur Jahan. Faiz Baksh was the name of the garden that was eventually added to this one. Within the garden is a canal that has been adorned with polished stones at the ends. The main point of the garden is thought of as the river in the middle. Don’t forget to visit Shalimar Garden if you’re looking for the best places to visit in Kashmir.

Best Time To Visit: October to December
Things To Do: birdwatching, picnic.

12. Vaishno Devi – Haven For Pilgrims

vaishno devi temple

Vaishno Devi, a town in the Trikuta Hills, is well-known for the temple that has a similar name. It is believed that Vaishno Devi is a manifestation of the Hindu Goddess Durga. This place holds immense sanctity, being counted among the 108 Shakti Peethas in India, which explains the substantial annual pilgrimage it receives. The pilgrimage to the temple involves a 13-kilometer trek, typically taking 9-10 hours, depending on one’s pace. For those who are unable to walk or wish to reach early, options such as palanquins, ponies, and helicopters are available. Undoubtedly, Vaishno Devi ranks among the top destinations to explore in Kashmir.”

Best Time To Visit: March – October
Things to do Vaishno Devi: Trekking, shopping, and trying local food.

How To Reach Vaishno Devi

The easiest way to reach Vaishno Devi is by taking a train to Katra railway station.

Places To Stay Vaishno Devi: Hotel Subash International, Devi Mahal, Madhu Palace, Hotel Bhavini, Hotel Kanshi Vishwa Nath.

13. Dachigam National Park – Flora & Fauna


“Kashmir is host to a wealth of different and plentiful plants and animals in addition to being a refuge for beautiful scenery. Dachigam National Park is a sanctuary for indigenous plant and animal species, with landscapes that captivate the soul. Situated a mere 22 kilometres from Srinagar, it’s easily accessible by private taxi. Its innate natural allure cements its status as one of the most frequented tourist destinations in Kashmir.”

Best Time To Visi Dachigam National Parkt: May-June and September-October is the Best Time To Visit: the park.
Things To Do: Wildlife tour
Places To Stay: Hotel Golden Bees, Northland Residency, Gulab Resort, Dilaram Guest House

14. Kishtwar National Park in Kashmir


“If you have a deep appreciation for nature and wildlife, be sure to include Kishtwar National Park in your Kashmir sightseeing itinerary. Many unique animals may be seen in this park, such as brown bears, Himalayan black bears, and musk deer.

Situated on a plateau with a view of the Chenab River and tucked under the Nagin Sheer Glacier, the park’s lush surroundings will leave you feeling revitalized. Covering an area of 400 square kilometres, the park features a wide variety of plants and animals, making it one of Jammu and Kashmir’s most popular tourist destinations because of its natural beauty and biological diversity.”

Best Time To Visit: May-June, September-October

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