Amarnath Yatra 2022 Registration Full Tour Information

Amarnath Yatra 2022
Amarnath Yatra 2022

After a two-year hiatus due to the nationwide COVID-19 pandemic, the Amarnath Yatra 2022 is slated to resume this year. From June 30 to August 11, the annual yatra will take effect.

A Yatri Niwas has been built in the Ramban area of Jammu and Kashmir, which can seat 3000 pilgrims, according to an announcement. This year, the sent to that over three lakh visitors would visit the temple.

Amarnath Yatra 2022 Registration

Here’s how to sign up for the Amarnath Yatra in 2022:

Visitors can register online through the Shrine Board’s website and mobile app, which will open today.

Registration for travel will also begin at 446 J&K Bank, PNB Bank, Yes Bank, and SBI Bank offices throughout the country.

The pilgrims will be issued RFID tags, which will allow the Shrine Board to follow their movements.

History of Amarnath Cave

Shiva and Parvati give up all their jewels, their elements and their companions, and Nandi. After Shiva and Parvati reach the cave, Kalangi burns the space around the cave. So that no living creature remains alive and the story is not talked about.

But when Lord Shiva narrates the immortal story to his wife. So two twin pigeons listen to this story. And that twin pigeon has become immortal forever. amarnath yatra registration 2022 and it is believed to be so. Whoever the traveler sees those twin pigeons. He gets darshan of Lord Shiva and Parvati Parvati. They live on immortal and can be seen by the public.

Amarnath Cave Yatra Kahan Hai

The holy cave of Shri Amarnathji is situated in the middle of the mountains of South Kashmir Himalayas. This cave is situated at an altitude of about 3,888 meters. Which is located at a distance of about 141 km from Srinagar, the capital of Jammu and Kashmir.

People of every Hindu religion definitely want to go on Amarnath Yatra once in their life. Because Amarnath is considered one of the most sacred places. And at this place Lord Shiva himself is virtuous. That’s why this place is very important for Hindu religion. By the way, people of any religion can visit Amarnath.

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Amarnath yatra important point

Amarnath Yatra 2022

Step 1. Children above 13 years of age and above 75 years cannot travel.

Step 2. Registration required for the Amarnath Yatra. If you do not register then you will not be able to travel.

Step 3. You must have warm clothes during the Amarnath Yatra. People who have asthma disease should travel with the brother-in-law of the doctor.

Step 4. All passengers must have their medical checkup report. Without him you will not travel.

Step 5. Amarnath Yatra is done in a group. So you can travel with your friends and family.

Step 6. You can find out by visiting your nearest hospital for medical report. From which doctor is doing medicine for the passengers of Amarnath Yatra.

Step 7. Carry a raincoat and torch while traveling as it can rain or snow at any time.

Step 8. Carry the necessary medicine with you.

Step 9. Make sure to carry a document of your identity with you. amarnath yatra doctor list 2021

Step 10. Start with deep breathing exercises as there is a lack of oxygen at high altitudes.

Step 11. Must have covid negative certificate. is not | So travel will not be allowed, for travel 2021, only health certificates issued after March 15 will be valid.

Amarnath Yatra Route Map 2022

There are two ways to reach Amarnath cave. First road Pahalgam and second way Baltal. Both these roads are well connected to Srinagar. You can reach Pahalgam or Baltal by any vehicle.

But you will have to cover the journey beyond this on foot. That’s why most of the travelers start their journey from Srinagar itself. amarnath yatra facts The distance of the holy cave of Amarnath from Pahalgam is about 48 kms and from Baltal is about 14 kms.

Amarnath Yatra Two Route

Pahalgam route is the oldest and historical route of Amarnath Yatra. This route is generally preferred by most of the devotees. It takes about 3 to 4 days to reach the cave by this route. But it isn’t too difficult. Because the first stop of Pahalgam is Chandanwadi. Which is located at a distance of about 16 kilometers from the base camp of Pahalgam.

This road is almost straight. Then the climb begins. After this the next stop is Pissa Top, 3 kms further. And the third stop is Sheshnag. Which is located 9 kms from Pisa Top. After Sheshnag, the next stop stop comes at Panchtarni. Which is about 14 kms from Sheshnag. The holy cave is visible from Panchtarni. But the Amarnath cave remains only 6 kilometers away.

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The Amarnath cave can be reached in a short time by the Baltal route. The distance of Amarnath cave is 14 kms from Baltal. amarnath yatra distance from baltal but this path is straight climb and quite difficult. Because of this, more elderly and sick do not go through this route.

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Amarnath yatra stopping places

First stop: The first stop of Amarnath Yatra is Pahalgam. Which is located at a distance of about 315 kilometers from Pahalgam Jammu. Pahalgam is also a tourist destination. In Pahalgam, langar is arranged by non-government organizations. And the walking journey of the pilgrims starts from this place.

Second stop: The second stop of Pahalgam is Chandanbari. Which is at a distance of 16 kms from Pahalgam. Travelers spend their first night here. Camps are set up for night stay for the devotees. On the second day, the ascent of the flea valley begins. It is said that there was a fierce battle between the gods and the demons on the Pisu valley in which the demons were defeated. This journey of the first stage along the banks of the Lidder river is not very difficult.

Third stop: Pissa Top which is at a distance of 3 kms. This route is steep and dangerous. Pisu top amarnath yatra base camp It is at this place that there is also a view of the flea valley. Pisa Valley is a very risky place in the Amarnath Yatra. Plea Valley is at an altitude of 11,120 feet above sea level.

Fourth stop: Sheshnag. Travelers get refreshed by coming to this place. Here a beautiful lake of blue water is built in the middle of the ranges. Seeing in this lake, this illusion arises. That the sky has not descended in this lake somewhere. This lake is spread in about one and a half kilometer length. Pilgrims take rest for the night here. And from here the journey of the fourth day begins.

Amarnath Yatra 2022

Do not miss these magical places

Fifth stop: Panchtarni is about 14 kilometers away from Sheshnag. In this route one has to cross Bivawell Top and Mahagunas Pass. Panchtarni amarnath yatra base camp It is because of the five small streams flowing here that this place is named as Panchtarni. Because it is covered on all sides by the high peaks of the mountains. Panchtarni in jammu The cold at this place is also very high. And due to lack of oxygen, the traveler has to make security arrangements here.

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The sixth stop is the cave of Amarnath. amarnath yatra cave which remains only eight kilometers away. You can spend your night near the cave on this day. And the next day you can return Panchtarni after worshiping in the morning. amarnath yatra But as soon as you reach the holy cave of Amarnath, all the fatigue of the journey gets touched in a moment. And there is a feeling of wonderful spiritual bliss.

Jammu is the closest station, located 178 kilometres from Amarnath. From Jammu, one can hire a cab to reach Baltal or Pahalgam. It is a 1-2 day (15 mile) trek from Baltal to Amarnath. The Pahalgam path, on the other hand, is a little longer, taking roughly 3-5 days (36-48 km).

Amarnath yatra registration form

Amarnath Yatra Registration Form 2022
Amarnath Yatra Registration Form 2022

How to reach Amarnath Cave

By Road – The cave of Amarnath is in a mountainous and inaccessible place. For this reason, it is not directly connected by road to many parts of the country. To reach Amarnath by road, one has to first go to Jammu. Because from Jammu you have to go to Srinagar again. After that from Srinagar you can go to Pahalgam or Baltal.

Amarnath Yatra starts from these two places. Pahalgam is about 92 kms from Srinagar and Baltal is about 93 kms away. You can reach Pahalgam directly or by taxi. Bus service is available from Delhi to Amarnath from time to time. Amarnath distance from Delhi is 631 kms.

By Air – The nearest airport to Pahalgam is in Srinagar. Which is 90 kms away. Jammu and Srinagar airports are connected to many major cities of the country. From where the direct flight comes to Jammu and Srinagar airport. One way Amarnath Yatra by helicopter via Baltal will cost INR 2000.

By Rail – Udhampur railway station is at a distance of about 217 km from Pahalgam. Rather, the Jammu railway station is completely connected to every single part of the country. The name of Jammu railway station itself is Jammu Tawi. And trains run for Jammu from all the major cities of the country. There are major trains connecting Amarnath to other parts of the country.

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