Bandipur National Park the Wildlife Riches in South Karnataka

bandipur national park

India’s Bandipur National Park is home to the second largest population of tigers. Which is the largest national park and protected area in southern India and the largest habitat of wild elephants in South Asia.

Bandipur National Park is located at a distance of about 80 km from Mysore and 70 km from Ooty and about 215 km from Bangalore. It is in Chamarajanagar district of Karnataka. And the park is part of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve.

Trip to Bandipur National Park

On the border of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka between Mysore and Ooty is Chamarajanagar district. Nagarhole and Bandipur National Park are separated from Kabini Reservoir. A visit to National Park should also be included in your Ooty packages. A must include 2 day trip from Bangalore.

Wayanad Spread over an area of ​​874 square kilometres, Bandipur Park can also be visited. Along with Nagarhole National Park, Mudumalai National Park (12 km from Ooty), and Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary, it is part of the famous Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve.

Bandipur Wildlife Animals

bandipur national park animals

It is home to about 70 tigers and over 3100 Asian elephants, as well as other animals such as dholes, gaurs, sloth bears, leopards, sambar, and a variety of birds. Gopalaswami Beta is one of the highest peak in Bandipur range.

The diversity of flora adds to its attraction even more. Bandipur supports a wide range of woody trees including teak, Indian-laurel, Indian kino tree, rosewood, sandalwood, giant clumping bamboo, etc.

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Bandipur Forest declared national park in 1974 Act.

The Bandipur Forest used to be the private game reserve of the Maharajas of Mysore. This sanctuary is one of the 15 sanctuaries belonging to Project Tiger Scheme. Bandipur was declared a national park in 1974 under the Wildlife Protection Act.

Bandipur Forest Safari:

bandipur forest safari

Jungle Lodges and Resorts have now been given license to operate jeep safaris. Because the mini bus safari range operated by the forest department starts from the office.

This bus safari operates between 6:15 am to 9 am and 2:15 pm to 5 pm in the afternoon. Whose fee is Rs 350 per person. Approx jeep safari cost is Rs.3000. Jeep safaris are conducted between 6:15 am to 8 am, and 8 am to 9:45 pm, 2:30 pm to 4:30 pm and 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm . Trekking permission has now been given in Bandipur. But the elephant safari is now closed.

How to Reach Bandipur Park

Bandipur National Park can be easily reached by road. You can also drive yourself to National Park.
It is located at a distance of about 215 km from Bangalore, it provides bus service. Train service is also available from Mysore and Bangalore.

Best time to visit Bandipur National Park

The best time to visit is considered to be from June to October. Because at this time the weather becomes very good due to monsoon. And you get to see thieves greenery.

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