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Top 10 places to arunachal pradesh

best places to arunachal pradesh The circuit covers a distance of 350 km starting from Tezpur, the headquarter of Sonitpur district in Assam to the 17th-century Monastery built on a jutting overlooking the wide Tawang valley at an altitude of 10000ft.

This circuit starts from Tinsukia in Assam to namsai and Tezu in Lohit district and hayuliang in Anjaw district of Arunachal Pradesh.

Best Places to Arunachal Pradesh

1 ) Tezpur Bhalukpong Bomdila Tawang Touist Circuit
2 ) Tezpur-Seijosa (Pakhui)-Bhalukpong-Tipi-Tezpur Tourist Circuit.
3 ) Itanagar-Ziro-Daporijo-Basar-Aalo-Pasighat Tourist Circuit.
4 ) Doimukh Sagalee Paka Kessang Seppa Tourist Circuit
5 ) Ziro Palin Nyapin Sangram Koloring Tourists Circuit.
6 ) Daporijo Taliha Siyum Nacho Tourist Circuit
7 ) Aalo Mechuka Tourist Circuit.
8 ) Pasighat jengging Yingkiong Tuting Tourist Circuit
9 ) Tinsukia Tezu Hayuliang Tourist Circuit
10 ) Dibrugarh Roing Mayudia Anini Tourist Circuit
11 ) Margherita Miao Namdapha Vijoyangar Tourist Circuit
12 ) Margherita Jairampur Namong Pangsu Pas Tourist Circuit

1 ) Tezpur Bhalukpong Bomdila Tawang Touist Circuit

i ) Tezpur Bhalukpong: (56 km from Tezpur, 213 m above MSL ) is the entry point to Arunachal. it is famous for the Archaeological ruins of king Bhaluka, an ancient ruler of the region. the stone remains of the historical fort of 10th – 12th Century A.D. is situated in the foothills of the region, speak about the capital of king Bhaluka and his grandson Bana of Mahabharata fame.

The river Kameng after completing all turbulent courses enters Bhalukpong in a serene flow which provides a rare opportunity for adventure tourism and a beautiful picnic spot.

ii) Tipi: 5 km from Bhalukpong. A botanical paradise of the state. It is home to about 450 species of orchids. Some of them are rare and endangered species. There is an orchid museum too. Waterfalls and its natural beauty are other attractions.

iii) Sessa: 24km from tipi A natural orchid sanctuary amidst chirping birds spread over 10sq km. Over 2600 orchids representing 80 species have been cultivated in natural surroundings. It is an exemplary effort of natural resource conservation.

iv) Bomdila: 109 km from Bhalukpong, 2700m above MSL ) Headquarter of West Kameng district and home of the aka (Hrusso), Miji (Sjalong), Monpa, Sherdukpen, and Bogun (Khaws) tribes. Craft center, Monasteries, Ethnographic Museum, Emporium, etc.

They’re worth visiting. One can view various snow-clad mountain peaks from bomdila including a bird’s eye view of kangto and Gori Chen peaks, the highest peaks of the state. best places to arunachal pradesh

2 ) Tezpur-Seijosa (Pakhui)-Bhalukpong-Tipi-Tezpur Tourist Circuit.

i ) The Circuit takes one to the Pakhui Wildlife Sanctuary one of the largest sanctuaries of Arunachal Pradesh located in the East Kameng District with Forest Divisional headquarters at Seijosa. Seijosa is a small but beautiful sub-divisional Administrative headquarters located on the banks of the Pakhui (Pakke) river.

The Wildlife Sanctuary spreads over an area of 861.95 sq km and has been declared as a project tiger Reserve (Pakke Tiger Reserve ). Some of the major wildlife species found in the sanctuaries are tiger, elephant, gaur, sambar, barking deer, leopard, hornbill, etc.

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3) Itanagar-Ziro-Daporijo-Basar-Aalo-Pasighat Tourist Circuit.

i ) Itanagar (The capital of Arunachal Pradesh) has a rich mixture of archeological sites of great historical value and built-up resources and institutions of great socio-cultural significance.

ii ) Ita Fort, the fort of bricks‘ from which the state capital derives its name, is situated in the heart of the capital complex. The fort has an irregular shape, built mainly with bricks dating back to the 14th -15th century of Mayapur of Ramchandra, a king of the Jitari Dynasty. best places to arunachal pradesh

iii) Gyekar Sinyik (Ganga Lake ) is a beautiful natural lake locally known as Gyekar Sinyik (Confined water ) surrounded by a landmass.

iv) Jawaharlal Nehru Museum has a rich collection of textile, weaponry, household articles, and handicraft items reflecting the culture and heritage of Arunachal Pradesh.

v) Craft center & Emporium at Itanagar is worth visiting where one can see and buy local artifacts like a good painting, traditional costumes made of natural vegetable and herbal dye yarns, and attractive utility items made of cane and bamboo.

4) Doimukh Sagalee Paka Kessang Seppa Tourist Circuit

i ) Doimukh (25 km from Itanagar) is situated on the left bank of the river pare. Rajiv Gandhi University is situated on a hilltop called rono hill.

ii ) Sagalee (112 km from Itanagar) is an ADC HQ and is situated in a beautiful valley with an eye-catching nature landscape. The age-old tradition and culture of nyishi Tribe can be a wonderful experience for the Tourists.

iii ) Paka Kessang & Pappu Valley are worth visiting the beautiful valley. Pappu Reserve Forest has a wide flora and Fauna Diversity.

iv ) Seppa (412 km from Itanagar) the headquarter of East Kameng District is a beautiful town located in a valley on the bank of the Kameng river. District Museum, District Craft Center, and library are the places of attraction.

5 ) Ziro Palin Nyapin Sangram Koloring Tourists Circuit.

i ) Palin & Nyapin are beautiful hill stations worth visiting for enjoying the high mountains and colorful tradition and culture of the nyishi community of kurung my district.

ii ) Sangram is a beautiful hill station. River paging, the Tributary of Kurung River Meanders through this natural scenic landscape. The place is ideally located in a rural landscape. for nature lovers and adventure seekers.

Koloriang, the headquarter of kurung kumey district is a picturesque hill station. One can enjoy the colorful culture of the Nyishi community of Kurung Kumey District. best places to arunachal pradesh

6 ) Daporijo Taliha Siyum Nacho Tourist Circuit

i ) Taliha, Siyum & Nacho all the three destinations are located on the hill slopes by the side of the subansiri river. It gives immense pleasure to adventure seeders while driving from daporijo,

The District HQ of upper subansiri to nacho all along the subansiri river. The natural setting is the best for white water sport and other adventure activities.

7 ) Aalo Mechuka Tourist Circuit.

i ) Aalo (297 km from Itanagar, 300 m above MSL) The headquarter of West Siang District is situated in a picturesque valley at the confluence of Sipu and Siyom rivers against the backdrop of verdant hills.

Aalo is one of the oldest towns with a strong educational setup. Ramakrishna Mission School, District Museum, and Donyi polo Dere are the Places of tourist attractions. It is an ideal place for trekking, hiking, and angling.

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ii ) Mechuka is an ADC headquarters in a quaint town with a picturesque valley near the Indo-Tibet border. One can get a great view of snow-covered mountain peaks and snowfall during the winter.

Mechuka lake is a high-altitude natural lake with pristine natural beauty. The Buddhist monastery (Samtem Yangcha of Mahayana sect) one of the oldest Buddhist monasteries in Arunachal is situated on a hilltop overlooking the valley.

8 ) Pasighat jengging Yingkiong Tuting Tourist Circuit

i ) Pasighat (270 km from Itanagar) headquarter of East Siang district and the oldest administrative center of erstwhile NEFA, is situated on the banks of the mighty river, siang, the main tributary of Brahmaputra and bounded by snow-clad peaks, rocky mountains, and a variety of flora & fauna.

This circuit offers a unique opportunity for anyone who loves nature. Dying erring Wildlife Sanctuary (13 km from pasighat) is spread over a cluster of river islands.

A cruise through the Siang river is the only way to reach the sanctuary. The forest islands are home to hog deer, wild buffalo, sambas, elephants, and other rainforest macro and microfauna.

ii ) Siang River which originates from Tibet and forms the main flow of the mighty Brahmaputra is socio-cultural poetry with a unique personification of its own. Rapids on the Siang river have been a prime attraction for river rafting and water sports.

The self-contained 180 km run from tuting to pasighat includes a 1-mile stretch of massive rapids with names such as moring madness, Zebra rock, and pulsating Palisi. But there are calmer moments on the river where one can just float along with the current.

The adrenaline rush is high and you’ll be able to dine out for months on the tales you take back home. The abundance of rich aquatic life has attracted anglers and again.

9 ) Tinsukia Tezu Hayuliang Tourist Circuit

Namsai is the ADC headquarters famous for several Buddhist Vihars in the khampit settlement area locally called ‘Chong’. The Chong of Namasi and Manmao, Golden peace pagoda at tengapani are major centers of the Theravada sect in the state. The natural beauty and biodiversity of piyong reserver forest are worth visiting.

Wakro is in the hub of kamlang reserve forest and kamlang Wildlife Sanctuary with dense forest and floral and diversity. The Sanctuary is home to hillock gibbon, tiger, takin, etc. Glow lake is a unique example of high altitude lake with breathtaking scenic beauty, offering immense scope for adventure tourism.

i ) Parasuram Kund is situated within the kamlang Reserve forest area. This place on the lohit River carries a strong mythological link with the legend of parasuram, a hindu sage. According to the legend, Sage parasuram washed away his sin matricide in the waters of the Lohit River at Bramhakund.

Each year thousands of pilgrims from all over the country congregate on Makar Sankranti day, to wash away their sins. A fair (mela ) is held during this period.

Tezu is the headquarter of Lohit District located amidst beautiful landscape by the side of the flowing Lohit River.

iii) Walong: Hotel water spring and the war memorial at walong in memory of the officers and soldiers of the Indian Army who laid their lives fighting the Chinese Army are the places of Attraction.

iii) Diong Valley is the place where the first sunrise of the country can be witnessed. it is located on the tri-junction of india, china and myanmar.

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10 ) Dibrugarh Roing Mayudia Anini Tourist Circuit

i ) Roing the district headquarter of lower dibang valley situated on the riverside of the mighty Dibang River. Nehru Van Udyan, an orchidum. orange gardens, tribal villages of the idu Mishmi community are the places of interest.

ii ) Mayudia (56 km from roing ) is a unique hills resort situated at an altitude of about 2655 MTR amidst lofty hills, lush green forest, and breathtaking landscape which provide a panoramic view of the surrounding mountains and the landscape,

The place wears tranquility of its own and the view of snow-capped mountains adds serenity to its environment. the ascending drive from roing to mayudia along the winding twelve-necked point (Baro golai) of the road provides a sense of adventure as well as a close encounter with nature.


iii ) Bhismaknagar (30 km from ring) is the oldest archaeological and mythological site in Arunachal Pradesh, Dates back to the 8th century A.D. the fort was excavated during 1965-70 which yielde terracotta plaques, decorative tiles, and potteries, terracotta figurines, etc.

popular legends and traditions identify the ruins of the fort as the capital of raja Bhismaka, father of Rumini (Wife of Lord Krishna). best places to arunachal pradesh

iv ) Hunli (90 km from roing on the way to anini) is a quaint town situated in the picturesque scenic valley. The Cave temple at kuli near hunli is a Sacred place of worship for the tribes of the region. The drive from Roing to Hunli through the well-maintained black-topped road provides thrill and eye-catching scenic beauty.

11 ) Margherita Miao Namdapha Vijoyangar Tourist Circuit

i ) This Circuit begins from Margherita in Assam and the entry point in Arunachal Pradesh is at Namchik. Miao is an ADC headquarter with the splendid natural beauty of the Nao-Dihing river and green Surrounding Mini Zoo, forest museum, Wildlife Library, and Tibetan Refugee Camp are the places of interest.

ii ) Namdhapa national park is the 15th tiger country spread over 1985 sq. km. It is the only national park in the country where four of the felines. i.e. tiger, leopard, snow leopard, and clouded leopard are found, Bison, Samber and the barking deer and a variety of snakes inhabit the park.

Another unique feature of this park has a wide range of altitudes from 200m to 4500m. The upper reaches remain covered with snow during the major part of the year. The Nao-Dihing River meanders through the forest fed by numerous tributaries and has a rich variety of aquatic life. best places to arunachal pradesh

The national park is also home to a large variety of butterflies and has more than 150 timber species and some species of medicinal plants like Mishims Teeta.

12 Margherita Jairampur Namong Pangsu Pas Tourist Circuit

Jairampur is an ADC HQ of changing district situated in the southeastern part of Arunachal Pradesh. A small hilly town along the Indo-Myanmar border and Namchik basin.

Namong is located close to pangsu pass, being the last town of Changing district on the Indian side at an elevation of 308 meters. It was one of the infamous Ledo Road, Known as ” Stilwell Road” constructed during world War-II by Allied forces linking to Kunming in China.

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