Best Places to Visit in Bangalore with Friends

Best Places to Visit in Bangalore with Friends

Bangalore is famous for the IT industry and called a garden city in the country. Bangalore is Silicon Valley in India and most choose a place among employees. Bangalore is a cool place as most human beings like to live in the city.

Bangalore has so many places like malls, temples, the IT industry, and tourist places. Bangalore people love to travel to relax in the nearest places Like Nandi Hills, Mysore, Hampi, Shimoga, and Coorg.


Best Places to Visit in Bangalore with Friends

Friends are always loved to choose to travel to cool places in the country. Bangalore is the coolest place and Honeymoon places to visit. Bangalore is the most preferred option for Honeymoon and travels the cool places to enjoy it.

Best Bangalore is the desired and abundant of destinations in the region to serve your soulmate. The Nightlife can Intensify your sprits to extent time spending with your soulmate. You can enjoy the place in Bangalore who choose wisely you.

These are the Best Places to Visit in Bangalore with Friends



Coorg is a beautiful place which is located 249 km away from Bangalore.  Coorg is placed with mother nature to watch the waterfalls, resorts, cool-climate coffee plantations, and experience the magic of traveling. Coorg is going to a memorable place for a partner to enjoy the honeymoon places near Bangalore.

You need to visit places like Abbey falls, Raja’s Street, Iruppu falls, Elephants camp, and Namdroling Monastery Built in Tibetan Style, which is located in the Coorg. Best time to visit Coorg between November to March. Coorg is also known as the “Scotland of India”.




Shimoga is the natural beauty which is famous for “JOG FALLS” located near Shimoga. Shimoga has located in Karnataka state 284 km from Bangalore. Shimoga has the river sharavati, and Achankya falls true feelings of love hearts every year.

We have the fantastic sun setpoint from the hill station named Agumbe. Shimoga is located near the banks of the river TungaJuly-September is the best time to visit this place.

Nandi Hills

Nandi Hills is the best place to show love and enjoy the silence of mother nature. Nandi hills are a hill station located 68km near Bangalore. People love nature and experience the beautiful sunrise and stunning scenery in the hill station. You can enjoy the Nandi hills every month of the year.

Nandi hills are the ancient fortress of the sultan and old Chola temples in the hill station. Nandi hills are the couple worthy place and 600-meter-high cliff. You can reach here through the bus station from Bangalore and traveling by vehicle. You can even book the cottages in the Nandi Hills in the tourist hotel in the station.



Mysore is famous for a royal place called royal heritage which is located 140 km from Bangalore. Mysore has old priest temples, Chamundi hills, Bandipur national park, and Kukkarahalli Lake Mysore is the best choice for honeymoon couples because of its cool climate and nature with lakes and bird sanctuary.

Mysore has so many places to visit and scenes to see around it. Mysore is described as followed: Mysore place is the historical heritage belong Maharani Wadiyar well curved by the marble stone and granite stone with the collection of caskets, paintings of the royal members.

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Best Places to Visit in Bangalore

Mysore palace is the flash lighted bulbs exactly in the evening and hosted at the palace to end the visit timings of the palace. Brindavan Gardens and Musical foundation near the Krishna raja Sagar dam with a great aquarium that has varieties of fishes.

Chamundi Hills, Jagmohan Palace, Lalit Mahal palace, church, Mysore zoo, Karanjikere lake, Jayalakshmivilas mansion, and sand museum. The best time to visit the Mysore is between March – December.



Chikmagalur is a magnificent place located 243 km away from Bangalore. Chikmagalur is famous for coffee for harvest in the Western Ghats. Bhadra wildlife sanctuary is a famous place and Amriteshwara, veerabhadra temple are also famous temple curved well shaped with architecture designed temple.

Chikamagalur is a cool place to spend time with partners and a hill station with wind breezing it. Chikamagalur is the best place to make love and express your feelings towards partners in it.



Hampi is the old ancient village with well-designed curved shaped magnificent architecture in temples that attracted travelers for ages. Hampi is the perfect spot for couples to enjoy the cultural and architectural fest. Hampi is the honeymoon hotspot to enjoy the cultural and Vittal temple from ruins, sculptural works.

Hampi is a village that is 363 km away from Bangalore. Hampi has many places like Zenana Enclosure, Sule Bazaar, Hampi Bazaar, the Elephant stables, and Virupaksha temple. From October to March we can visit Hampi as it is the best time.



Gokarna is a beautiful place to visit the open beaches and a fantastic place that expresses love towards the partner. Gokarna is the cool climate for Honeymoon to enjoy time on beach sands and give their body to reduce the mind stress detox.

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Gokarna is the closest to 515km away from Bangalore. Gokarna has many places to visit like half Moon, Gokarna beach, om shaped shoreline, and kindle beach.

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