Gujarat, the development driver in India, is the nation’s most significant industry centre. Gujarat providing horsepower to all the fields that lead India on the road to prosperity, from gems and jewellery to gas and electricity, from biotechnology and pharmaceuticals to engineering and vehicles, from digital technologies to food and agriculture.


So, basically, you should predict a state that sheds and bleeds to fulfil its aims and a state that untiringly focuses and tries to carry out the brightest! Does it sound too dramatic?? Well, it’s gotta be! I say, why would you open a few other random Gujarat Tourist blogs and read until around the end unless and unless there was something that caught your attention! Huh? Right?

But now That i’ve caught your interest, let me just say one more thing before we can get to the Gujarat list of famous vacation trips…’ Each of us wants a break from our job and every one of us requires it and believes it or not; traveling is the perfect way to conquer all the frustrations and stresses, If you are considering a Gujarat vacation trip, here is a comprehensive list of the best Gujarat family vacations.

Best places Visiting in Gujarat

Especially in comparison to the summers when humidity reigns supreme in the state, the great season to visit Gujarat seems to be from June to March whenever the weather is good. It was so well linked by a couple of major airports to all the major urban centres of the region, including to other parts of the globe.

List Of The Places:
  • Somnath Temple
  • Rann Of Kutch
  • Ahmedabad
  • Saputara
  • Laxmi Vilas Palace
  • Dwarka
  • Rani Ki Vav
  • Lothal
  • Bhuj
  • Junagadh
  • Champaner-Pavagadh Park
  • Surat
  • Diu
  • Dholavira
  • Anand
  • Rajkot
  • Mandvi Beach
  • Modhera
  • Marine National Park
  • Porbandar
  • Gandhinagar
  • Bhavnagar
  • Vadla

You must visit the beautiful places in Gujarat

Somnath Temple


There is a popular temple on the list of famous travel destinations in Gujarat. Somnath Temple, among the holiest of Lord Shiva’s Jyotirlingas, is not only a worship site. Lying on either the shorelines of the rocky Arabian Sea, the temple is a marvel, too.

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These have been demolished and restored numerous times, once in gold by Lord Soma, once during silver by Ravana, once in woods by Krishna and once in stone by King Bhimdev. It should be the stone piece of architecture that now stands high and draws millions of devotees to come and seek the good wishes of the Lord.

Rann Of Kutch


Perhaps the most stunning thing you can ever lay eyes on is Rann of Kutch. Rann of Kutch seems to be a mesmerising marvel of sand and salt, nestled peacefully between the limitless Thar Desert as well as the mighty Arabian Sea. The desert shines white like a diamond on supermoon nights and takes a mystical sense of peace with it. On full moon night time, cultural programmes are held, tents are built and the wonderful land is yours for the night.

One of the most beautifully spectacular places to see in Gujarat, really. Rann of Kutch is home to the flamingos during the winter seasons, here through Siberia have all way! An exquisite shade of pink transforms the white deserts and carries with it the potential to enjoy the closeness to these enigmatic birds and several others.



Ahmedabad, Gujarat‘s biggest city, is definitely the first something you’d want to see in the state for a look at a few of Gujarat’s best tourism spots. This is a city steeped in history and the richest in culture, making it a must for tourists from all across the world to visit.

The Akshardham Temple Complex, Sabarmati Ashram, and Kankaria Lake are noteworthy places to visit. When you reach at this spectacular one-day festival, the International Kite Celebration is a must. From colossal to minuscule, from plain to the most complicated and bizarre, and from dull to rainbow-coloured, the sky rises with kites.

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In Gujarat, Sapatura, the only “mountain,” arrives as a refreshing change in the state’s often hot and humid climate. Wonderfully sprawled on a heavily forested plateau, Sapatura is a hot new tourist attraction surrounded by resort hotels with a gigantic lake.

It will not get very cool there, but if the mist rises from the lake and blankets the surrounding town, monsoons may be the great time to visit. Saputara’s amenities include a yacht club, an artist village, a tribal museum, a cable car, and a few many things. One of it’s greatest and beautiful places in Gujarat to visiting if you want to chill on a rather hectic journey for a little bit.

Laxmi Vilas Palace:


This was the biggest private dwelling unit in the country, back when Laxmi Vilas Castle was built by Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad III. Can that offer an interpretation of its size? A region of more than 700 acres surrounds the palace complex and houses many other structures, such as the Maharaja Fateh Singh Museums and the Moti Baug Palace.

What’s really worth a glance, if not struck by the stunning architecture of the location, is the array of marble, terracotta and bronze statues and armouries spread around the palace. A few of the top tourist attractions in Vadodara is Laxmi Vilas Palace. While that’s still the home of the Vadodara royal household, it is open to the general public for visits and is among Gujarat’s most popular tourist places.



Dwarka is among the well-known and highly regarded Hindu “Char Dham” pilgrimages. It is known to be Lord Krishna’s ancient region, as well as the first such capital of Gujarat state. This traveller boasts harmony and serenity, with several objects to do in Dwarka. Dwarka is a religious pilgrimage for Hindus from all around the planet, perched at the mountain of the River Gomti on the Arabian Sea.

Rani Ki Vav


One of the unique UNESCO World Heritage Sites established by the Queen in the recollection of her King, Rani ki Vav! Kind of like the Taj Mahal in reverse, and that one of Gujarat’s top tourist attractions. That’s a historic step-well, built by Udayamati in the recollection of Bhimdev I in the eleventh century.


With steps that can carry you down seven floors, it is home to even more than 1,500 paintings. The best thing about it is that it was found fairly recently, even though it had been submerged by the Saraswati River in previous years, and have only just had these been excavated by becoming a popular tourism spot.



When you’re an epic history buff, then it will be perfect to travel Lothal! Lothal is known to be among the Indus Valley Civilization’s most significant sites and is perhaps one of the most excellently. There seems to be a small museum here that houses artefacts of an age gone by, including kitchen utensils, jewels, clothes, gemstones, and scrolls, for a detailed look into the lives of our predecessors.



Bhuj is indeed a major Gujarat tourist destination. The city can trace its history back to when there was an autonomous state at the start of the 16th century. The town is known for hosting ancient ruins, such as the Cenotaphs Complex, which houses royal family graves. The Prag Mahal, a splendid fortress, and the Aina Mahal Palace, a marvellous development with interiors covered in mirrors, are other places to visit in Bhuj.



Junagadh, a perfect location for all history lovers, has plenty of landmarks waiting to be visited. Located next to the famed Gir National Park, this city is one of the top tourist attractions for 3 days in Gujarat! Stop off at the Wildlife Museum and the iconic Sakkarbaug Zoo during the next experience with the wild. Wouldn’t forget to visit Uperkot Castle, one of the best locations in Junagadh to visit!


If you really are thinking about going to Gujarat, then the destinations described above are a must be visit. Do you think we skipped a few locations in Gujarat that qualify to be on the list of the greatest places to visit? In the comments below, let us see! Book a trip to Gujarat with your parents and siblings for an unforgettable vacation!

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