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Best Places to Visit Leh Ladakh | 2021 My India Travel

Best places to visit Leh Ladakh, the highest plateau in India is situated in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. It covers an area of 86,904 sq. Km with much of the region above 3000m. (9,800ft). Top Best Places to Visit Leh-Ladakh 

About For Leh Ladakh

Being the northernmost part of the country it extends from Himalaya to Kunlun Ranges and includes the upper Indus River Valley and borders with China in the north, Tibet in the east, the valley of Kashmir, Jammu in the West, Pakistan to its north-west and Lahaul and Spiti in the South.

Ladakh is divided into two districts, Leh and Kargil. The history, culture, traditions, and geography of the region are strikingly similar to that of Tibet. Ladakh is a sparsely populated region but is home to people belonging to all major faiths of the world; Buddhism and Islam are the dominant religions in Leh and Kargil respectively.

Leh Ladakh Temperature

The word Ladakh literally means land of high passes “la” Means pass and “dakh” Means many routes. Ladakh is also called the moorland and the cold desert because of its barren topography with the temperature reaching – 30 °C and below in winter. However

However, in summer the weather remains quite pleasant with temperature not increasing more than 30°C. Most Places to Visit in Leh-Ladakh 


“Ju-leh” Is the ladakhi”

“Ju-leh” Is the ladakhi term equivalent for Namastey, Hello, Welcome, and Thank you. You can use it anytime anywhere and you will get a similar response with a smile.

Khataks The offering scarf

Khataks is a scarf of silk, cotton, or synthetic material offered at monasteries, to guests, facilitated during

Leh Town Point of Interest | Best Places to Visit Leh Ladakh


Tsemo Monastery/Gonpa: The Tsemo Gonpa was built by king Takpa Bum-led in 1430 C.E. The monastery has a three-story statue of Maitreya Buddha and one story statue of Avalokitesvara and Manjushri. The sacred texts kept here are written in silver and gold.

Leh Town | Best Places to Visit Leh Ladakh

Leh town:- Leh town is the administrative headquarter of Leh district. The town is located on the north of the Indus River at an elevation of 11,811ft (3600m) above sea level. Beautiful places visit Leh

The whole of Ladakh was under the administration of Leh until 1st July 1979, when Kargil and Leh administrative districts were created separately. In ancient times Leh was an important stopover for the central Asian traders. In the 15th century, Leh was made the capital of the kingdom of upper Ladakh (stod).

Tisuru Stupa


Tisuru Stupa: This stupa consists of 108 temples made in the reign of King Takpa Bum-ides located near Shanti stupa. 

The Leh Palace

The Leh palace known as “Lachen Palkhar” Was built by Singay Namgyal, around the early 17th century C.E. it stands majestically looking below at Leh town.

Leh Old Town

Leh old town: Old Town is a place where you can still see some old traditional mud-brick houses. There are winding alleys and stairways, stupas, and mosques. Old Town is divided into five parts called that Skyanos-Gogsum, Stalam, Kharyok, Lobding, and Maney-Khang. An NGO called loti and LAMO Organises a heritage walk here.

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Sankat Gonpa

Sankat Gonpa: this monastery is a branch of Spituk Monastery, founded by the head monk of Spituk.

Shanti Stupa | Best Places to Visit Leh Ladakh

Shanti Stupa: this stupa is a little away from the main town. It was built on a hilltop by the Japanese. Buddhist Bhikkhu Gyomyo Nakamura, for world peace and was inaugurated by Dalai Lama in 1991. One gets a picturesque view of Leh from here.

Leh Mosque

Leh mosque: it is called the Jama masjid of Leh and is located in the main bazaar. It was built in 1666-67 C.E. under the order of the Mughal emperor Aurangzeb. Initially the architecture of the mosque hed Tibetan, central Asians, and ladakhi style. It was reconstructed with Iranian architecture.

Central Asian Museum Leh



Central Asian Museum Leh: it is in the main town bazaar in Chutayrangtak alley. A four-storied museum designed in the shape of a Tibetan-Ladakhi fortress tower, with a contemporary edge. All four levels are individually built in Ladakhi, Central Asian, Tibetan, and Baltistan architectural styles.


Jokhang: This Gonpa is in the main bazaar. It was built by the Ladakh Buddhist association in 1957. It is open for visitors throughout the day. The Gonpa contains the statue of Jovo Rinpochey (crowned buddha) and a statue of Guru Padam Sambhava.

Leh Imam Bargah

Leh imam Bargah: A imam Bargah is the Congregational hall (Shia) Muslims where commemoration ceremonies for the imams of the religion are observed or celebrated. It is located in the main bazaar and was inaugurated by H Dalai lama.

Sindhu Ghat

Sindhu Ghat: Sindu is the other name for Indus river. The Sindhu ghat (bank) is the place where the annual Sindhu festival is held.

Hall of Fame in Leh


Hall of fame: it is a museum dedicated to the Indian army and their heroic struggles and sacrifices for the country. On display are many weapons used by the soldiers during the Kargil war. A Ladakhi culture museum is also displayed here.

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Mahabodhi Meditation Center


Mahabodhi meditation center: The main Institute is located in Choglamsar but a meditation center is also situated in Changspa.

Zorawar Fort

Zorawar fort: it is situated at the end of fort road and presently is occupied by the army. This fort was built by Zorawar Singh in 1839 staffed with around 300 Dogra soldiers.

Pather Sahib

Pather Sahib: it is located between the Nimo-Phyang road and is about 20km from Leh town. Rock’s impression of Guru Nanak the founder of Sikhism is placed here.

Main Bazaar and Moti market

Main Bazaar and Moti market: Both these places are filled with shops of handicrafts items of Ladakh and Kashmir, jewelry items of precious and semi-precious stones, and also the basic requirement items are available here.

Tourist information center

Tourist information center: it is located right in the main market opposite J&K Bank. You can find all the required information that you need to know from here. This center also has a display of indigenous items, books, and handicrafts.

How to Reach Ladakh

1) By Flight: There are direct domestic flights to Leh airport from Delhi, Jammu, Srinagar, and Mumbai. Early booking of flights is recommended.

2 ) By Road: From Srinagar: the Srinagar Leh highway (NH1D) is 430km. You can book your own taxi from the tourist reception center in Srinagar.

3 ) From Manali: The Manali-Leh highway is about 470km. You can book your own taxi or share a taxi from there.

Best Time to Visit Leh Ladakh

May to August Best time to visit Leh Ladakh Beauces this time Weather is at a good temperature of 30. C.E

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