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kohima tourism

Best time to visit kohima: Kohima is the capital of the state of Nagaland, India. Which is also a very beautiful city. This place has mesmerized people with its beauty for thousands of years. Kohima was given this name by the British. Because those people were not able to pronounce Kohima’s real name Kehwima or Kevhira correctly. Most tribals live in Kohima.

History of Kohima Tourism| Best time to visit Kohima Nagaland

Because the culture of these tribals is very colorful. Which tourists like very much. They like to see the glimpse of their culture. Apart from this culture, tourists can also visit many of the best and historical tourist places here.

These include the State Museum, Emporium, Naga Heritage Complex, Kohima Village, Dajukou Valley, Japfu Peak, Tseminyu, Khonoma Village, Dajuleki and Tayofema Tourist Village.

Those wanting to get away from the city’s hustle and bustle. They are attracted to this enchanting state with a variety of natural beauty, mountains, flowers and wild plants.

Kohima Museum | Best time to visit kohima

Best time to visit kohima

Every traveler visiting Kohima must visit the Kohima Museum. Because it contains information about some rare artifacts related to various tribes of the state. Clan motifs, colorful traditional costumes, etc. are displayed.

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Catholic Cathedral

The Catholic Cathedral is one of the largest and most famous cathedrals in the north-eastern part of the country on Aradura Hill.

Dzukou Valley in Kohima

The Dzukou Valley is located about 30 km from Kohima. It is situated at an altitude of about 2,462 meters above sea level. Red and white rhododendrons, lilies and wild flowers Aconitum and Amphibious are the major flowers in these flowers.

Because during spring these wild flowers cover the whole area. The path of the valley passes through many rivers and springs. This valley has created a special identity among the tourists on the basis of its beauty. Tourists can see beautiful flowers of various colors and sizes at this place.

Japfu peak | Best time to visit kohima

The majestic mountain is about 3048 meters above sea level. It is the second highest peak in Nagaland. Japfu peak among tourists Very popular for trekking. You can see the beautiful view of Kohima by reaching the top of the peak.

This peak is full of evergreen forests. The tallest tree can be seen in these forests. Due to its feature, this tree has been included in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Kohima Zoo Kohima in Nagaland

Ntanki wildlife sanctuary

Kohima’s zoo is situated on a hill. The free and natural place for animals and the slopes of this hill has been used innovatively. Nagaland is also the state bird, the rare Tragopan bird, and the wild buffalo, or Gemini.

Touphema village | Best time to visit kohima

It is an ancient heritage village situated about 41 km north of Kohima. Naga social system, their culture and life will be seen in this village. Kohima Tourism 

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Mokokchung Village

This place is located about 150 km away from Kohima. And it used to be home to the Aao tribe of Nagas. The tribe celebrates harvest feast ‘Motsu‘ and ‘Sungrem Mong‘ during March and August respectively..

Ntanki National Park

Intaki Wildlife Sanctuary is about 35 km from Dimapur. It is home to a wide variety of animal species. Such as: elephants, wild buffalo (Gemini), rare hulok gibbons, sambar, flying squirrels, tigers, barking deer, sloth bears, hornbills, wild dogs and black cranes thrive in the park. And rare varieties of orchids can also be seen.

Inner line permit for tourists

This is important to note as Kohima Tourism comes under the Protected Areas Act and where domestic tourists require ILP (Inner Line Permit) to travel. The inner line permit is a simple tourist document. And this foreign tourist does not need inner line permit.

Because they have to register themselves with the Foreign Registration Officer (FRO) of the district to enter and visit the protected area of ​​Kohima. Foreign tourists can take a leisure trip within 24 hours of registering. Domestic tourists can also obtain inner line permits from these places.

Buy  local item in kohima market

handicraft market Kohima

In Kohima you will find Ruzaphema and Naga Bazaar to shop. Ruzaphema market is famous for trading live stock. And Naga Bazaar is known for selling indigenous handicraft items, such as shawls, vests and other decorative items. Kohima Tourism

Hotel booking in Kohima

You will find hotels to stay near Kohima’s market. But there are not many hotel options here. A standard economy hotel room costs around Rs 800 to Rs 1000 on this spot. Because deluxe rooms in hotels cost between Rs 1200 to Rs 1,500. Kohima gets very cold during winter. So choose those rooms. Which have heating. Some hotels also have TV, mini fridge and internet facilities.

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Best Time to Visit Kohima

The journey of Kohima can be done throughout the year. But November to March is considered to be the best time. Because at this time there is a lot of rainfall between March and June. And the climate is pleasant and temperate.

In winters it is cold from November to February but at night the temperature drops to zero. And snowfall is common in Kohima during winter.

How to Reach Kohima in nagaland

kohim travel nagaland

By Airport: The airport has been constructed at Dimapur Airport in Nagaland. It is quite easy to reach Kohima from here.

By Railway: Apart from the airport, railway station at Dimapur has also been constructed. Kohima is just 74 km from dimapur.

By Road: Kohima bus stand is the busiest bus station in Nagaland. Buses are operated from here to various places in Nagaland. buses stand, Kohima can also be reached by private vehicles from National Highway 39.

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