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Bhangarh Fort is situated on the border of the Aravalli ranges of Alwar district, 80 km from Rajasthan. Gola village is situated near this fort. The fort of Bhangarh is situated at the foot of the hills of the sloping area. Which looks awful. More than the structure of this fort, it remains in the discussion due to ghostly tales.

The ruins of the Raja’s palace in Bhangarh Fort are situated on the lower slopes of the hills. The pond part of this fort is surrounded by trees. A natural stream falls into the pond inside the palace.

Bhangarh Fort Haunted Stories – Most Haunted Fort in India

There are also many temples in Bhangarh Fort. Which are the temples of Lord Someshwar, Mangala Devi, Gopinath and Keshav Rai. The type of carvings done on the walls and pillars of these temples can also be estimated that how beautiful and grand this whole fort must have been.

Because of the fear of ghostly experiences and incidents in the premises of the fort, now the villagers. Have started living far away from this fort. Because every person tells this fort to be haunted. And afraid to go to this fort alone.

Guide To The Most Haunted Place In India

bhangarh fort
bhangarh fort haunted place

Due to the haunting tales of Bhangarh Fort, the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) has not allowed locals and tourists to enter the fort at night at this place. Because this fort is now completely ruined and after seeing it, only terrible and negative thoughts come in everyone’s mind. Many tourists have confirmed paranormal occurrences in this fort.

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Why Is Famous Bhangarh Fort

Bhangarh village is known for its historical ruins. Bhangarh Fort is surrounded by hills on all sides. As soon as you enter inside, the remains of some havelis are visible. Bhangarh is considered to be one of the scariest places in the world, it is said that even today ghosts live here. No one is allowed to stay in Bhangarh Fort before sunrise and after sunset. The beauty of this place is worth seeing in the rainy season.

Histroy of Bhangarh Fort

bhangarh fort real story
bhangarh fort real story

The story of Bhangarh is mysterious and very interesting. Because the history of Bhangarh Fort is centuries old. This fort, built in the 16th century in Rajasthan, is a specimen of ancient art. It is said about Bhangarh Fort that Raja Bhagwat Das of Amer built it for his younger son Madho Singh I in 1573. The fort remained inhabited for 300 years after its settlement.

Story fo Princess Ratnavati Bhangarh Fort

Princess Ratnavati of Bhangarh was very beautiful. At that time the discussion of princess beauty used to happen in the whole state. But marriage proposals were coming for Ratnavati from many states. One day she went out in the market with her friends.

She reached a perfume shop in the market and was smelling its fragrance with perfume in her hand. At the same time, some distance from that shop, a person named Sindhu Sevada was standing and looking at the princess. Singhia was a resident of the same state and he was a master in black magic.

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Seeing the princess, the tantrik was fascinated by the whole toda. and fell in love with the princess. Then he started thinking about getting the princess. But Princess Ratnavati never looked back at him.

The shop from which the princess used to buy her perfume. The tantrik went to that shop and cast black magic on the bottle sent to Ratnavati. He used Vashikaran mantra on perfume. The princess, on the other side, found out the truth.. So he threw the perfume bottle a stone’s throw. The perfume was spilt after the bottle was broken.

Due to black magic on the vial, the stone got behind Sindhu Tantrik. and crushed him to death. Sindhu Sevada then died. But before dying, that tantrik cursed the princess. That all the people living in this fort will die soon. And will never be born again. But his soul will continue to wander in this fort only. Even in the 21st century, people believe in this. That Bhangarh Fort is inhabited by ghosts.

Can We Visit Bhangarh Fort At Night

bhangarh fort
archaeological survey of india

If you are planning to visit Bhangarh located in Rajasthan. So let me tell you That no human is allowed to enter the fort after sunset or before sunrise in Bhangarh fort. Due to the ghost stories of the fort, no one is allowed to enter this fort at night. The local people near this fort tell about many paranormal activities that happen here. But it depends on any person whether he will believe these stories or not.

It is also said about Bhangarh. That whoever enters this fort during the night. He could not return in the morning. Hence a board put up by the Archaeological Survey of India has warned the tourists visiting here not to go inside the fort premises during the dark.

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Best Time To Visit Bhangarh Fort

The best time to visit Bhangarh is during the whole year. But avoid going here in the months of April to June. Because in these months the heat is very high in Rajasthan. For this reason, the time from November to March is considered the best.

Opening Timings/ Entry Timings For Bhangarh Fort

The opening hours of Bhangarh Fort are from 6 in the morning to 6 in the evening. But no one is allowed to go here after sunset.

Entry Fees Of Bhangarh Fort

bhangarh fort stories
bhangarh fort stories
  • Entrance Fees
  • For Indians: Rs.25
  • For Foreigners: Rs 200
  • Video camera charge: Rs 200

How To Reach Bhangarh Fort

Bhangarh is a Village in Alwar District of Rajasthan State. Which is situated between Jaipur and Delhi.

By Air: The nearest airport to this fort is Santander Airport in Jaipur. Which is 56 kms from Bhangarh. You can take direct flight from Delhi to Jaipur.

By Train: If you are thinking of traveling by train. So the nearest railway station of Bhangarh is Dausa. where you have to get off Which is at a distance of 22 kms from Bhangarh. You will get direct train from many big cities.

By Road: Rajasthan is completely connected by road to all major cities. Public buses plying by road can take you to Bhangarh Fort. You will get a bus to Bhangarh from Delhi’s Kashmir Gate.

The nearest city to Bhangarh is Alwar in Rajasthan. Please advise me that the distance between Alwar and Bhangarh is around 90 kilometres. Taxis and buses are available from Alwar to Bhangarh Fort.

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