Bijli Mahadev Temple Story, Kullu: Best Time & Visit, Bijli Mahadev Trek

bijli mahadev temple

Bijli Mahadev Temple is in Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh. It is a popular pilgrimage site on the banks of the Beas River, and is located near Manali. Bijli Mahadev Temple dedicated to Shiva, the great god of Hindu religion. This place is situated at an altitude of 2450 meters above sea level.

But very few people know That the history of Kullu is also associated with Lord Shankar. The ancient temple ‘Bijli Mahadev’ here is also the center of faith for Shiva devotees. According to the local people, the idol placed inside the temple symbolizes the ‘Shivling’ of Shiva.

Bijli Mahadev Temple Story

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Local people of Kullu Valley believe. That several thousand years ago a demon named Kulant lived at this place. This dragon-like monster wanted to submerge the valley by stopping the flow of the Beas river. But he wanted to destroy the living creatures.

But when Lord Shiva came to know about this, he took the dragon in his faith in the form of a demon. Lord Shiva said in his ear that your tail has caught fire. Hearing this, as soon as Kulant turned back, Shiva struck Kulant on his head with a trident. After which he died.

 Death of the Kulant

After the death of the dragon Kulant, his body turned into a giant mountain and spread throughout the region. It is also called That the electricity of Kullu valley from Mahadev to Rohtang Pass and on the other hand the valley of Ghoghardhar of Mandi is created from the body of Kulant. There is also a belief that Kullu got its name from the name of Kulant.

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Lightning Strikes once in Twelve Years.

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After the death of Kulant Daitya, lightning strikes this place once in twelve years. Such is the recognition That Lord Shiva had asked Indra to drop celestial lightning here every twelfth year. Because Shiva did not want this. That there should be any loss of public and money due to lightning, so lightning used to fall only on the Shivling built in the temple of ‘Bijli Mahadev’. That is why Bholenath makes this lightning fall on himself to save the people.

Shivling Breaks into Many Pieces

Due to lightning in this temple, Shivling breaks into many pieces. After this the priests of the temple used to collect the pieces of Shivling and put them back together with the help of butter. The hill of Bijli Mahadev is about seven kilometers long from the city of Kullu. Where a huge crowd of devotees gathers every Shivratri. Because in every season people from far and wide come to see Bijli Mahadev.

Shivling is celebrated every year in Kullu.

This ceremony of attaching the part of Shivling is celebrated every year in Kullu. It is an uphill climb for tourists planning a visit to this temple. Where there are pine trees nearby. Beautiful views of Parvati and Kullu valleys can be seen from the temple.

Located at a distance of 600 km from Delhi, Kullu is famous all over the world for its beauty and greenery. This tourist destination, full of its natural beauty, is known for its musical springs, valleys, green plains, pastures and apple orchards in the valleys.

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Distance from Kullu Bus Stand to Bijli Mahadev Temple: The distance from Kullu Bus Stand to Bijli Mahadev Temple is about 5.6 km.

Temple Opening Hours: The temple usually follows the opening and closing hours of other temples.

How to Reach Bijli Mahadev Temple

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By Air: You will get planes from Delhi to Kullu. Delhi to Kullu flight | Jaipur to Kullu flight | Mumbai to Kullu flight | Pune to Kullu Flight | Hyderabad to Kullu flight

By Train: There is no direct train available from Delhi to Kullu. For this you have to take train from Delhi to Manali. The distance between Manali to Kullu is 40 kms. Whose distance you will cover in 2 hours.

By Road: Kullu is situated at a distance of 600 kms from Delhi. You can also cover this distance by road. Kullu is well connected to all major cities by road. NH 21 connects Delhi and Kullu.

After Reaching Kullu. Buses ply from the bus stand for Bijli Mahadev. Which goes to the nearby ‘Chansari’ village. Otherwise one can book a private cab from Kullu taxi stand near bus stand and go. One has to climb stairs from ‘Chancery’, a distance of about 3 km.

Best Time to Visit Bijli Mahadev Temple

The best time to visit Bijli Mahadev is considered to be from March to September. Because the weather here is pleasant at this time. Due to which Bijli is considered the ideal time to visit Mahadev Temple. In winters, Kullu is covered with snow and there is continuous rainfall during that time.

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