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chitrakoot water falls

Chitrakoot water falls is one of the most impressive attractions of Chhattisgarh. Which is located in Bastar district about 50 km from Jagdalpur and 273 km from Raipur. Indravati river which flows down the Vindhya mountain range for twelve months. He is the birth giver of all these springs.

About For Chitrakoot water falls

Which are a major tourist attraction mainly during the rainy season. The Chitrakoot Water Falls appears to be in the shape of a horseshoe when viewed from above. But it is situated at an altitude of 100 feet. The Chitrakoot Falls is the largest waterfall in India.

There is a circle around the waterfall. Because in the summer season the water level of the river goes down considerably. However, during the monsoon season the water level of the river touches the banks. And at the same time it is filled with mud. In contrast, during summer there is no mud in the water. It looks different.

Chitrakoot Water Falls – Best Time to Visit

chitrakoot waterfalls india

The area around Chitrakoot Water Falls is very dense and forested. Because the surrounding dense trees and plants give an astonishing beauty to the waterfalls in this area.

But sitting at a corner of the waterfall. Watching the birds further adds to the beauty of this place. Due to the fall of Chitrakoot Waterfalls from such a height, its sound is so loud. That their noise makes it difficult to hear anything. Chitrakoot Waterfalls is more beautiful and beautiful to see in the rainy season according to the weather. When the water turns brown due to soil erosion.

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Indravati river which starts its journey from Vindhya ranges. And at the point located Chitrakoot Falls turns into a beautiful waterfall. One is sure to be mesmerized by the serene beauty and grandeur of Chitrakoot Falls and the surroundings. Chitrakoot Falls became such a popular waterfall in India due to its spectacular water flow.

Places to See Near Chitrakote Waterfalls.

Chitrakoot Falls night view

Before this there are some activities. What you can do in the waterfall. That is, you can take a boat ride on the water flowing down from the waterfall. One can view the majestic waterfalls on a small boat or kayak.

There are other places to visit near Chitrakoot Waterfalls. Like Kanger Ghati National Park, Kailash Caves and Tirathgarh Waterfalls. These places are not visited by many tourists. Naya Raipur which is a good place to spend your evening watching the sunset.

Best time to Visit Chitrakoot Falls

Chitrakoot Falls is visited throughout the year. However, during the monsoon which is between July and October, the waterfall spreads its beauty throughout the forest. If you want to enjoy the calm and white waterfall. So the best time to visit Chitrakoot Falls is from November to February.

But make sure you that you visit this spring in the morning. So you can see the sunrise on the other side of the waterfall. And stay till evening to watch the sunset or enjoy the light show at Water Falls at night.

How to Reach Chitrakoot Falls – Chitrakoot Tourism

By Road: Road You can go directly to Chitrakoot Waterfalls by private vehicle. You can park your car in the parking lot near the waterfalls. The road covered with fog and surrounded by trees looks even more beautiful on the way.

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By Train: If you like to travel by train. So the nearest railway station to Chitrakoot Waterfalls is ‘Jagdalpur’. Which is about 40 km from there. You can hire a cab from Jagdalpur Railway Station. Or take a government bus. Which descends near the falls.

By Airport: The nearest airport to reach Chitrakoot Falls is located at Allahabad.

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