Dal Lake in Srinagar | Best honeymoon places in dal lake

dal lake in srinagar

Dal lake in srinagar Kashmir is called the heaven of India. Because every tourist sees Kashmir with pride. Dal Lake is the most popular attraction of Srinagar. Kashmir is surrounded by the majestic Pir Panjal Mountains and the Mughal Gardens. Kashmir is a beautiful place for family holidays, and honeymoons. Attractions Tourists consider Kashmir to be a wonderful destination.

Dal Lake in Srinagar | Beautiful Lake in Srinagar

Dal Lake is also considered one of the best locations in Kashmir for the shooting of many films. As it offers some incredible views of high rolling hills, distant snow-capped mountains, and houseboats parked near Dal Lake.

Apart from being a popular tourist spot for nature lovers, Dal Lake is also a good spot for fishing enthusiasts. , Apart from this, many people are seen saving vegetables and flowers on the vote.

Dal Lake Scenic Beauty | Unseen Beauty in Dal Lake

Dal Lake is surrounded by mountains on all three sides. Five basins and many streams join together in this Himalayan lake. The Mughal Gardens and Orchards that flourished on the banks of this lake have a huge contribution. Those who put four moons in this place. These colorful gardens and lawns were established in the 16th and 17th centuries. However, the tourism department has still maintained the natural beauty of these lawns.

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Dal lake in houseboat & Shikara

dal lake in srinagar

Houseboats are a part of the natural beauty of Dal Lake. Which provides a romantic and peaceful ride. From these houseboats, one can have a wonderful view of the blooming gardens and orchards around the lake. Originally these houseboats were vacation homes built for the British. When the Maharaja of Kashmir refused to keep him on his land.

The most adventurous and romantic part of Dal Lake is staying on the water in a cedar-paneled elegant room with all the luxuries and amenities of a star-rated hotel. These houseboats are classified as A, B, C, and D. Which is placed on the basis of luxury services and a number of rooms. Some houseboats also provide free Shikara rides to the nearest ghats. The shikhara ride is just a boat ride from the lakeside to the houseboat. It provides an opportunity to see the exotic flora of the lake along with the fish.

Why should you visit Dal Lake?

Dal Lake in sringar is the second-largest lake in Srinagar. And this is one of the most popular destinations of the state. Tourists coming to see this lake come from far away with their friends and family. The local people here also use the lake area for recreation.

The main attraction of this place is the colorful traditional houseboats, Nishat Bagh, Shalimar Bagh and the floating lotuses are also very beautiful to see. The Dal Lake region presents even more beautiful views during autumn. There is no better place than this to see Chinar trees.

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What to see in Dal Lake

There are many interesting places to visit near Dal Lake. Like the ancient temple of Shankaracharya, the lotus flowers bloom from July to August. At this time many floating gardens are also seen in the lake. Many vegetable crops such as melons, cucumbers, and tomatoes grow particularly well in these conditions in the lake.

Best time to Visit Dal Lake in Srinagar

dal lake in srinagar

The best time to visit Dal Lake is between June and August as the weather is probably at its best during that time. However, the average temperature in summer ranges from 12 to 30 °C. Which is much better than the scorching summer temperatures in most parts of India.

However, Dal Lake is more attractive during winter and this is when the spectacular scenery is experienced at its best. The average temperature in winter is 1 to 11 degree Celsius. But during snowfall, the temperature can drop as low as minus 11 degrees. At this time the surface of the lake is frozen. You all know Landing on a frozen surface can be extremely dangerous.

How to Reach Dal Lake in Srinagar

By Air: The nearest airport to Dal Lake is Sheikh Ul Alam International Airport. Which is 21 km away from the lake. Direct taxis are available from near the airport. Whose fare is 800 to 1200 rupees? If you go to share | So it will be Rs.400.

By Train: The nearest railway station to the lake is Srinagar, which is located 18 km away. You will get many taxis from outside the railway station. Whose fare will be 600 to 1000 rupees? If you go to share | So it will be Rs.400.

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By Road: Dal Lake is 10 km from Lalchowk. The bus will drop you here. Share taxis also ply from here. Whose fare will be 300 to 800 rupees?

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