Famous Places in Bhopal Madhya Pradesh

famous places in bhopal

famous places in bhopal is the capital of Madhya Pradesh. It also go using the name “city of lakes.” The big pond and small pond in this city are very popular. Bhopal is situated on many hills. Some of which include Shyamala Hills, One Tea Hills, Idgah Hills, etc.

Top 10 Famous Places in Bhopal

Bhopal was established by Raja Bhoj. Its old name was Bhopal or Bhojpal. There are many lakes in the city. Because of this it is also famous as the city of lakes. Well, there are many other tourist places too.

Major lakes of Bhopal:

Upper Lake: One of the most famous places in Bhopal, Upper Lake is also known as Bhojpal or Bada Talab. It is the oldest artificial lake in the nation. Whose construction was done by Raja Bhoj. There is a huge garden named Kamla Park around this lake. This raises this lake’s attractiveness.

Chhoti Jheel: Chhoti Talab is the second-largest lake of Bhopal. Which is connected to the big lake. Both of these are divided by Bhoj Setu Kamla Park. is called | It is said that in 1794 the lake was built by Chhote Khan, a special minister of Nawab Hayat Mohammad Khan Bahadur, to make the city more beautiful.

This lake is located in the old part of the city. Its catchment area is about 9.6 square kilometers. Its present maximum depth is 10.7 meters. It is situated in the east direction of the big lake. Kamla Park and Karishma Park are adjacent to the banks of the small lake.

city of lakes in bhopal

Whenever you take an evening walk around the best places in bhopal, there will be a view of the sunset. So that day will definitely be memorable. There is also an aquarium in the shape of a fish near the lower lakes. In which there are many colorful fishes in large numbers.

Other Lakes: Shahpur Lake, Motia Talab, Nawab Siddiqui Hasan Khan Lake, Munshi Udyan Lake, Jawahar Bal Udyan Lake, Lendia Lake, Manit Lake, etc. are other major lakes of Bhopal.

The Bhimbetak Caves, located about 45 km south of Bhopal, were declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is said The caves are more than 30000 years old. is recognized That this place is related to Bhim Charit of Mahabharata. That’s why it was named Bhimbetak.

Beautiful rock formations inside the caves, are surrounded by thick green vegetation and woods. Makes for a beautiful experience. One of the most attractive places to visit in Bhopal, the Bhimbetak Caves is truly a work of art in themselves. famous places in bhopal

Shaukat Mahal in Bhopal

A beautiful contrast of Asian and Western architecture, Shaukat Mahal is one of the most frequently visited places in Bhopal by tourists even as Islamic architecture predominates in Bhopal. The famous Chowk adorns the entrance of Chaitra. A unique fusion of Renaissance and Gothic design can also be seen in the structure built under Sikandar Begum’s rule. Along with it adds charm to the complex carving structure. Shaukat Mahal was built higher than the grand Sadar Manzil.

Moti Masjid in Bhopal

Moti Masjid, one of the most intriguing mosques in the nation, was built in 1862 by Begum Sikandar Jahan, the most forward-thinking and self-reliant lady of her day. Crafted from beautiful white marble. The architecture of the mosque is similar to that of the Jama Masjid in Delhi.

The Pearl Mosque is the moniker given to the monument for its brilliant white portion. Which has a grand courtyard. From the window here you can see some beautiful views of the city. Moti Masjid is a good place for history lovers.

Sanchi Stupa in Bhopal

sanchi stupa in bhopal

Sanchi Stupa, one of the most beautiful spots, is around 50 kilometres from Bhopal. Its magnificence has never been matched. is considered It is said that this building built in the third century BC was built during the reign of the great emperor Ashoka of the Maurya dynasty. And it is one of the most notable Buddhist monuments in the country. For the spread of Buddhism, the Mauryan kings started re-collecting the destroyed remains of Lord Buddha all over the country. The huge dome of the stupa has a vault in the middle. where the Buddha’s remains are stored.

Bhojpur Temple in Bhopal

The Bhojpur temple was established and constructed by the Parmar king Bhoj of Dhar in the 10th century. This abode of Bhole Baba is on a hill on the banks of the Betav River. This Dham is also known as Bhojpur Shiva Temple or Bhojeshwar.

The greenery and natural beauty all around make this temple even more beautiful. Also, the best architecture is seen here. The biggest feature of the Bhojeshwar temple is the huge Shivling here. Whose length are 21.5 feet?

Recognition is this. That was when the Pandavas were cutting the unknown. So they settled here for some time. Meanwhile, the Pandavas built a grand temple for the worship of Mother Kunti. Bhima himself prepared the temple with giant stones with his own hands. So that Mother Kunti can worship Lord Shiva after bathing in the holy water of the Betwa river. This was later named Bhojeshwar Mahadev Temple.

Van Vihar National Park in Bhopal

Van Vihar National Park is one of the major tourist destinations of Bhopal. Which is also home to exotic floral species and wildlife like blackbuck, blue bull, chital, porcupine, sambar, wild boar and hyena. This place is perfect for nature lovers. Van Vihar National Park is divided into two parts. In which there are carnivorous and vegetarian animals.

Although you are allowed to roam around in the area of ​​vegetarian animals. But you can visit on any day except Tuesday from 7 am to 7 pm. And the per person fee for Indian is 15 rupees and for foreigners tourists is 200 rupees.

Tribal Museum in Bhopal

tribal museum in bhopal

This Madhya Pradesh museum, one of the most well-known locations in Bhopal, is extremely well organised. Here you can see the tribal culture. You can easily grasp the paintings and architecture at this museum with the help of the pamphlet given at the entry, which also teaches the basics of tribal life.

Seven galleries devoted to tribal culture, life, art, and mythology make up the complex. The site is a must-see for anyone interested in mythology or history.

Famous Places in Bhopal City of Lakes

One of the most famous places in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh is this museum. You can readily grasp the paintings and architecture at this museum with the help of the pamphlet provided at the entry, which also teaches the basics of tribal life. The premises of the museum is divided into 6 galleries. In which you are dedicated to tribal culture, life, art, and mythology.

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