Honeymoon Places In Winter: honeymoon destinations in India

Honeymoon Places In Winter

Honeymoon Places In Winter Friends, the cold has already knocked. And the wedding season is about to start. If you are going to get married in wintertime. So we are going to tell you about some honeymoon destinations. Where you can enjoy your honeymoon freely. And these places are going to be absolutely perfect in terms of honeymoon. So let’s know about these places in detail.

Honeymoon Places In Winter

After marriage, many couples start planning to go on a honeymoon. Because honeymoon is such a time. whenever a couple desires to spend quality time together. Together they get to know each other closely. However, many couples do their planning in advance. But many times couples get very confused about this.

That’s why we are going to tell about some such places in India. Which are also going to prove romantic with honeymoon destinations.

Honeymoon Destinations Winter in India

Dalhousie perfect destination for a honeymoon

Dalhousie is a perfect destination for a honeymoon. Because there is a lot of snowfall here during winter. Tall pine trees in Dalhousie when snow falls. So it is very beautiful to see. November to February is said to be the ideal time to travel here. Snowfall also falls at this time. You will then enjoy yourself greatly.

Honeymoon Destination in Gangtok

One of the famous honeymoon destinations in India is Gangtok in Sikkim. Here it is very beautiful to see the sunrise in the morning. However, there are some famous places here. Like Nathu La Pass, Tsongmo Lake. That’s why couples go here for their honeymoon. The months from October to December are considered the best to visit here.

Scotland is Coorg South India

Coorg hill station is situated in the south of Karnataka. In this hill station, you will get to see many waterfalls and lush green plantations of coffee. If you do not like winter. So Coorg is one of the perfect destinations for a honeymoon. India’s counterpart to Scotland is Coorg. And the high mountains and lush green gardens here will win your heart. The months from October to February are considered good to visit here.

One of the Best Honeymoon places in Ooty

One of the best locations in India for a honeymoon in Ooty. In Ooty, there are many lovely places to visit. Ooty is very famous for its toy train and the weather here is very nice. That’s why this place is one of the most preferred honeymoon destinations for couples. The months of October to February are considered perfect to visit here.

Planning to visit Wayanad in Kerala


If you are planning to visit Kerala for a honeymoon. So Wayanad is one of those beautiful places. Where you must definitely consider a honeymoon. Wayanad is considered a perfect destination for a honeymoon in December. There are a lot of sights to view here. Because of this, there will be no feeling of boredom at all. And the time between October to March is considered perfect to visit here.

Daman and Diu Daman

Daman and Diu Daman is a small island located in Gujarat. who is a lover beach? People who do not like winters much. They can go here for honeymoon. November through February is said to be the ideal time to travel here. There are further places around to visit. Like: Beach, Caves, Mahadev Temple, Jalandhar Beach, etc.

Honeymoon in Jaisalmer

You can celebrate art and culture along with a honeymoon in Jaisalmer. So Jaisalmer is a perfect destination for a honeymoon. Staying at the royal fort located here is great fun in itself. The best time to visit Jaisalmer is considered to be the month of December. By the way, you can go to Jaisalmer anytime. Many couples prefer to celebrate their honeymoon in desert places. Couples can also enjoy the benefits of Desert Safari, Camping, and Bonfires here.

Auli Best for a Honeymoon

Honeymoon Places In Winter

Auli situated on the hills of the Himalayas is considered a perfect place for ski. Although couples also come here to celebrate honeymoon. Here in Garhwali, Auli is known as Auli Bugyal which means “grassland”. It is located at an altitude of about 2500 m (8200 ft) to 3050 m (10,010 ft) above sea level. This place receives a lot of snowfall during winter. That’s why honeymoon couples like to come here.

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