If it’s white beautiful beaches or ancient forts, historic monuments sites or natural wonders, you would want to pursue a job in the travel & tourism sector if you’ve the opportunity to discover the unfamiliar and inspire others do the same as well.



The employment and career opportunities offered in this field are also growing with the fast expansion in the travel and tourism industries. Yet is tourism really the calling of your life? Before you ask these questions, let’s understand much more about travel industry.

Why a Tourism Career?

India can append a whopping Rs. 8,50,000crores by the finish of the year 2020 mostly through tourist industry, as per the World Travel & Tourism Council.

In 2015, the tourism sector obtained 8.31 lakh crore, i.e. 6.3 percent of the country ’s Gdp, and even in the procedure supported 3 lakh opportunities JOB IN TOURISM INDUSTRY, which is about 8.7 percent of the total employment of the nation.

This obviously demonstrates the potential of India’s tourism industry and also proves that perhaps the industry is on an exponentially growing path.


India’s Travel & Tourism Sector:

Community, history, and regional diversity are rich in Business Outlook India. The desert, the trees, the mountains, the beach, the historical places, the new cities. No wonder, then that the tourism sector contributes much to the Indian economy.

The travel & tourism industry is developing enormously and will continue to do this in the upcoming years. The travel industry in India expects to build 46 million work prospects by 2025 and our government is also taking different steps to strengthen the framework and successfully encourage tourism.

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A recent report by the World Travel & Tourism Council reveals that India’s travel & tourism industry ranks 7th throughout the world in terms of its overall contribution to the GDP of the region (WTTC).

Work can be very thrilling and creative in this field and also pays well. India could potentially add more Rs. 8, 50,000 crores by the year 2020 only by tourism, as per a study released by the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC).

  • More specifically, 37,315 million workers will be funded by the tourism industry, which is around 8.7 percent of India’s overall workforce.
  • The tourism business is a service-based one it is highly dependent on human capital.
  • With advanced education, the travel industry is expanding exponentially.
  • It depends, in reality, entirely on the quality people have to deliver.
  • Travel and tourism is the world’s biggest source of foreign exchange earnings and directly or indirectly hires a significant number of individuals through the related service sectors.

What skills do you have?


  • Students of tourism need to cultivate an interest in studying the world community and all facets of business trips.
  • Customer experience management is also a big skill that tourism students need to learn while working with huge market volumes.
  • Deep knowledge of the history, geography, design, and monuments of India
  • Employees of this field must be well and have the good interpersonal ability.
  • Awareness of a foreign language is helpful in this occupation.
  • Staff members must maintain all the laws and regulations pertaining to passports, visas, ticket reservations, etc. updated.
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Courses for travel and tourism In India & Eligibility Requirements:

At undergrad, postgrad, and degree levels, there are several top institutions in India providing technical courses in the tourist industry. Nevertheless, it is appropriate to go right after school for such full-time bachelor’s degree courses in tourism. In addition, a post-graduate degree in tourism will allow you to become a pioneer in travel and tourism firms.

Bachelor’s Degree Courses


  1. BA in Management of Hospitality, Traveling, and Tourism
  2. BA in Management of Traveling and Tourism
  3. BA Research in Tourism
  4. BBA in Management of Hospitality and Traveling
  5. BBA in Management of Traveling and Tourism
  6. B.Com. Management of Traveling and Tourism
  7. B.Sc. In Ownership of Hospitality and Tourism
  8. Travel and Tourism from BA
  9. Bachelor of Administration of Tourism
  10. BBA in Management of Air Traveling
  11. B.Sc. In Management of Traveling and tourism

Postgraduate Tourism Courses:

Candidates can undertake PG courses perhaps after completing either of the above Bachelor Degree Programmes.

  • Master of Studies in Tourism
  • Master of Administration of Tourism
  • MBA in Travel and Tourism Stewardship

To improve the abilities of learners and find a best job in the industrial sector, a postgrad programme in tourism is required.

Top Indian tourism universities:

  • National Institute of Tourism and Hospitality Management in Telangana.
  • Thomas Cook-Centre of Learning in Maharashtra.
  • Kuoni Academy in New Delhi.
  • Garden City College in Karnataka
  • Blue Whale Academy in Maharashtra
  • BharatiVidyapeeth College of Hotel and Tourism Management Studies in Maharashtra
  • Amity Institute of Travel & Tourism in Uttar Pradesh
  • Indian Institute of Tourism and Travel Management in MP(state).
  • National Institute of Hotel Management and Tourism in Odisha.
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Salary opportunities in India’s travel & tourism sector:

In the job travel and tourism industry, salaries are pretty good. In addition, the business also provides fair remuneration and rewards, including free travel for its workers and their families. At foreign-based airlines or travel agents, you will get a reasonably fairly decent wage. For early experience, you may even do part-time work or can do summers internships.

Significant travel & tourism industry features:

  • Travel & Tourism is the world’s greatest source of foreign exchange earnings and directly or indirectly hires millions of people via similar service sectors.
  • From government tourism agencies and big multinational corporations to privately owned travel operators, this field contains everything.
  • One offers services to individuals who venture for company or holidays or both while employed in this sector, while contributing to tour packs, pilgrim travel, adventure tourism or casual vision.
  • Employees need to communicate directly with clients at virtually any stage of work in this sector to consider their needs while keeping them happy, to be able to offer the best support in terms of travel choices and plans.


You’ve got it there! All in the tourism industry you need to hear. If you are considering a travel & tourism career and are searching for an exciting role in the future, you should be well prepared to make an educated decision based on the knowledge discussed in this information.

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