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Travel jobs in india Looking for a better place and escaping from the workspace browser through pictures of all wonders in the world. Looking the Travel Jobs in the country to travel and explore around the world by earning along with fulfilling your dreams in the picture. Here is the list of the Jobs which let you travel jobs in India and move throughout the world.

Flight Attendant/ Cabin Crew

In Travel jobs, you can need travel from place to place with various transport. You can travel in the flight in the ait around the world. You can still remember the people in the flight crew those lovely ladies and gentlemen offering you help with anything and everything on your flight.

You get free Travel jobs in india everywhere and get free flights plus crazy discounts on flights for your family. Staying a night or two in foreign cites, only to wake up and do it all again. Flight attendants or cabin crew is totally perfect for travel lovers in India.

In this job, you need to serve the passengers in the best interest of the airline company. You need to travel the world for free and enjoy the premium services. It is the best glamorous profession in the world.

You just need the minimum qualification to get hired by the airline company to have HSE certificate. You need to have the complete service industry training courses before applying to an airline.

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You need to match physical requirements and personality standards for the role. Once you apply for certification, you will receive the training before receiving your certificate from authority.

WORK IN A CRUISE SHIP | Travel jobs in india

In the Travel Jobs, you can choose to sail in a cruise ship that involve traveling around the world. You can enjoy the fancy, luxurious and scenery in the sea. You can choose the jobs in the cruise crew jobs which let you travel in the sea.

You can travel in luxury cruisers and have Travel jobs in india for everyone from cooks and cleaners to nursery staff, fitness, beauty, musicians, and therapists.

You can easily start working in the experience in customer services or hospitality places to start earning as you cruise.

You need to have a set of skills for joining a pleasing personality and good communication skills. You need to acquire a set of skills in the several cruise lines providing short-term courses, hotel management and tourism, and hospitality in it. Travel jobs in india

you can travel in a cruise ship directly by the ship cruises that provide about six weeks to six months of training. You can easily find the cruise ship and post job opportunities online. You can look for the online and apply for the position that fits you.


You can choose the Job in travel and social service related in AID worker. In social service professionals in travel around the underdeveloped world to make it a place.

You can provide assistance to the underserved and displaced in nations that are affected by wars, famine, and poverty. You can see International Organizations like Voluntary service overseas VSO and the Red cross Hire volunteers from around the world to be part of their service teams.


You will find a thousand others applying for the same role. You can have relevant experience in the field of health, social services, agriculture, and international relations.

TRAVEL BLOG/ VLOGGER | Travel jobs in india

Want to write and explore the world by traveling with your love? You need to possess a flair for writing or vlogging. You can Travel way to immerse yourself in the culture and pour it all into the film or paper.

In travel is less than rewarding in the terms of writers and vlogging freelance which can contribute to several magazines and websites to have lived. Travel jobs in Telangana

In full-time opportunities exist in this carer option. You can get the freelance as publications typically want for individuals to submit first-hand accounts of the given location.

You may require good writing skills, Marketing skills, and social media without a degree required. You need to have read a lot of travel blogs and understand SEO techniques.

You need to have the keywords in the Blog. You create useful and unique content. You need to understand social media and paid ads at the initial level.  Share your experience on social media and AdSense in the blogs.


You can be a travel operator or Travel Manager is part of everyone’s life. You can plan the frame the perfect plan will require assistance. You need to expert the travel to help which is a billion-dollar industry.

It is the best popular profession among travel enthusiasts. You can find the perfect destination and look for the booking of the hotel. A travel Manager is someone people to plan and organizes tour packages for clients.



In professional or Geographic Magazines, you can feel jealous of the people. You need to have the balance and count the trip. You need to be a photographer to travel around the world.

You need to learn and skill of photography. People get to Travel jobs in india and around the world doing what they are passionate about and get paid. You can gain some experience and then opt for a job in a travel magazine in the other organization.


In the Tour guide job, you can travel around the world with people by exploring the cities and getting paid for it. you want to travel to a popular travel destination in the need of friendly, knowledgeable guides and lead tourists through the city.

You need to have the set of skills that require in the knowledge of the city’s culture, history, food, and hidden secrets with communication of skills. You need to have foreign languages in the local languages.

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