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This Konark Sun Temple was built in the 13th century. This temple is dedicated to the Sun God or Surya. This temple is connected to the Hindu faith. The shape of this temple is known to be like a huge chariot and for exquisite stone carvings. Who looks at the art of the whole structure.

Konark Sun Temple

It is one of the most famous tourist destination of Orissa. This temple has been included in the World Heritage Site since 1984.

Konark Sun Temple is located near the holy city of Puri state of Odisha. The Sun Temple is filled with divine energy and it was closed in 1903 by the British by filling it with sand. Because the huge ‘tantric’ power of this temple sank their ships.

The Vedas of Hinduism


The Vedas of Hinduism have described the way of worshiping the sun. The importance of the sun is said to have been described in every ancient texts. That worshiping the Sun God brings positive energy to the body. In Hinduism, Surya is the only deity who is directly in front of the eyes.

We can also worship the Sun God by looking at them. As is the practice in our country, on the basis of the construction of the temple of God, on the basis of this, some Hindu kings built a magnificent sun temple years ago. This temple is one of the ancient heritage of India. Due to the grandeur of this temple, it is counted among the top 10 temples in the country.

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Chandrabhaga River


The Konark Sun Temple is located on the banks of the blue water-filled Chandrabhaga River, about 23 miles from the city of Puri in the state of Odisha. The structure of this temple is such that 12 huge wheels are mounted in a chariot and 7 powerful big horses are pulling this chariot, the sun god is shown on this chariot.

You can have darshan of the Sun God directly from the temple. The rising and rising sun from the summit of the temple can be seen in its entirety. When the sun comes out, this view from the temple looks very beautiful. It seems as if the redness from the sun has spread red-orange color throughout the temple.

Biranchi Narayan Sun Temple Odisha


Each chakra is made up of eight arrows, which represent the eight cycles of the Ar day. The local people here were called Birnchi-Narayan presented to the Sun God. This temple is famous all over the world for its various architecture and is surrounded by its high gateways.

Its face is towards the rising sun in the east and its three principal parts – Deul Garbhagriha, Natamandap and Jagmohan (mandapa) are in the same line. First is the entrance at Natamandap. After this Jagmohan and Garbhagriha are situated at the same place.

There is also a mystery of this temple about which many historians have gathered information. According to the Puranas, it is said that Lord Krishna’s son Samb had developed leprosy due to curse. He was advised by the sage Cuttack to worship the sun god to avoid this curse.

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Same did penance for twelve years at Konark at the ocean confluence of the Chandrabhaga River at Mitravan and pleased the Sun God. Surya dev, who was the destroyer of all diseases, also ended its disease.


How to Visit Konark Temple

Konark is connected by road with major cities like Bhubaneswar and Puri.
By Air: If you go by airplane, you can reach Bhubaneswar Airport from where Konark is just 64 km. is far.
Rail route: You have to get down at Puri railway station. Konark temple is 31 km from this railway station.

How to Reach Konark Temple

The rising and rising sun from the summit of the temple can be seen in its entirety.
You can come to the temple anytime. But good times at 5:00 am and sunrise in the evening.

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