Lodhi Garden, Delhi – Best time to Visit, Entry Fee, Timings Things To

lodhi garden in delhi
lodhi garden in delhi

Hello friends, in today’s blog post, we are going to present the Lodhi Garden located in the capital Delhi, which is known for the tombs of Mohammad Shah and Sikandar Lodi, whose earlier name was ‘Lady Willingdon’ Park, we are going to give complete information about this garden in detail. Will know through post.

If you want to know almost all the information related to this garden in detail, then you must read our blog post till the end. So let’s start and earn the information related to this garden.

History of Lodhi Garden In Delhi

Ala-ud-din Alam Shah, the final ruler of the Sayyid dynasty in Lodi Garden, built the tomb of his father Mohammad Shah here in 1444 AD. Sikandar Lodi of the Lodi dynasty has a tomb in the Garden, which has been built by his son Ibrahim Lodi in 1517.

Several other structures were also built here during the rule of the Sayyids and the Lodis. The areas around these graves grew into villages over time. When the British took power in 1936, Lady Willingdon, Mark of Willingdon’s wife, rebuilt the garden by removing the villages.

To honour her efforts, the garden was renamed Lady Willingdon Park and made available to the public in 1936. As a result, it was previously known as Lady Willingdon Park.

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About For Lodhi Garden

lodhi garden

At the same time, it was renamed Lodi Garden following independence. In 1968, the garden was remodeled by an American architect, Joseph Stein, during which a glass house was also installed in the garden.

In today’s time, this Lodhi Garden has become a good means for the local people to stay in the morning and evening.

Where is Lodhi Garden?

This garden named Lodhi is located in the capital Delhi. This garden attracts tourists and people interested in history by attracting them from different angles of India as well as abroad.

When was Lodhi Garden built?

This garden, known as Lodhi, was built during the 15th century, although it was not officially opened till 1936 AD.

What is another name of Lodhi Garden?

This Delhi-based Lodhi Garden is also known as ‘Lady Willingdon Park.’ It was built between the 15th and 16th century.

Humayun’s Tomb

Some attraction a inside

lodhi garden

Sikandar Lodhi’s: Sikandar Lodhi’s tomb was erected in 1517 AD by his son. It is a basic quadrangular construction on a platform that was repaired by the British and inscribed with the story of Ibrahim Lodhi’s defeat by Babur.

Muhammad Shah’s Tomb: – It is a massive dome that serves as the entrance to the adjoining three-domed mosque, as its name suggests. In 1494 AD, the then-ruler of this town, Sikandar Lodhi, built both the dome and the mosque. This tomb is 300 feet apart from Muhammad Shah’s tomb. The body of the individual buried in it has yet to be identified. However, it is obvious that he was a top official during Sikandar Lodhi’s rule.

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Sheesh Gumbad: –  Sheesh Gumbad is a Persian word that means “glass dome.” It got its name from the gleaming tiles that were used in its construction. The bones of a family whose identity is unknown are housed in the dome. During Sikandar Lodhi’s rule, Sheesh Gumbad was also built.

अठपुला A bridge with seven arches has been erected over the nallah a bit to the east of Sikandar Lodhi’s grave. Moreover, the spread of the central arches is wider. There really are eight pillars on this bridge. It was built during the Mughal era. During Emperor Akbar’s reign, a guy named Nawab Bahadur built this bridge (1556-1605).

Best Time to Visit Lodhi Garden

lodhi garden

If you talk about a good time to visit this Lodhi Garden located in Delhi, then let us tell you that you can visit here anytime throughout the year. But as you know that in Delhi the temperature rises a lot during the summer season. Therefore, you should avoid going here in the summer season, it will be appropriate for you. And if you live in Delhi, then you can visit here during morning and evening.

Lodhi Garden Entry Fee

The effect here is that tourists, who are interested in history and mythological things, come from different regions of the country, apart from abroad. You do not have to pay any entry fee to visit this place. You can enjoy here by visiting the green meadows and seeing the old monuments.

How To Reach Lodhi Garden

Are you planning to visit Lodhi Garden located in Delhi? So you can easily roam here by taking bus or taxi facility. But if you are thinking of coming here from other cities or countries other than Delhi, then you have to reach Delhi airport by taking flight facility to Delhi’s International Airport. Then you can easily reach Lodhi Garden from there by taxi or bus.

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If you are planning to go to Lodhi Garden by train. So you have to come till Hazrat Nizamuddin Railway Station of Delhi. Many train facilities will be easily available from other cities to Delhi as well. After reaching Delhi Junction, one can easily reach Lodhi Garden by Bus or Taxi.

If there is an idea to visit Lodhi Garden by road by own bike or car. So the city of Delhi is well connected to other cities of India by National Highway. So you can easily reach here by your own bike or car.

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