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malcha mahal story

malcha mahal story: You guys know this. That there is such a place in Delhi also. Which is known for its ghost stories. I am going to tell you about such a place in this blog. Malcha mahal haunted story, which is one of the most haunted places in delhi.

Now you must be curious to visit this place and know about it. Malcha Mahal Which was a hunting lodge in the days of kings and emperors. A perfect set for accidents?

Location of Malcha Mahal in Delhi

Malcha Mahal is located on Bistdari Road in Delhi Ridge, next to the Earth Station of Delhi. Because it is a restricted part of the forest behind Buddha Jayanti Park (Buddha Garden). Malcha Mahal story is also known as Bistdari Mahal.

Many people have come out of the forest. But scared Rather, many people have not come out from there. Yes, you must have been shocked to hear this. Many journalists have gone missing.

The Malcha Mahal Story Mystery & History

This incident is from the time of independence of India. When Malcha Mahal had lost all its fame. When Begum Vilayat found a unique way of protesting.

Malcha mahal haunted story is occupied by a royal family of Awadh. But Princess Sakina was the son of two members of the royal family, Prince Riaz and Begum Princess Vilayat Mahal of Awadh.

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Princess Vilayat Mahal was the granddaughter of Nawab Wajid Ali Shah of Awadh. When Nawab Wajid Ali was deposed So his property was confiscated by the British. So the Begum started a fight with the Indian government for her property. For this reason it is presently shaped as a pharma research centre.

Malcha mahal story Rajkumari, along with her two children

Rajkumari, along with her two children and a dog, imprisoned herself in the VIP lounge of Delhi’s railway station for 9 years. That’s when the government decided to give them back the Malcha Mahal. But sadly That till that time all those amenities were not provided in malcha mahal story . which used to be.

For this reason, this palace was certainly no less than a haunted place for a human being filled with lizards, snakes and other insects.

Who can live in the palace without water, electricity bat bonfire? For this reason the family had also separated itself from the outside world. This type of living condition will have an adverse effect on anyone.

People have believed so. That the children could not even bury their mother’s body. and stayed with him for 10 days. This was the perception of the people. That the treasure was hidden in the palace. Hence, attacked him. Even the grave of Begum was dug. Her children then burnt their mother’s body.

Situation of Malcha Mahal

malcha mahal haunted place

The entrance to the Malcha Mahal story was guarded by two dogs and a revolver. Which was allowed by the rest of the royals.

Prince Riaz of Malcha Mahal has been given a gun and permission to shoot in self-assurance by the Deputy Legislative Leader of Delhi since 1990. when they were attacked. Due to fear and anguish, the royal siblings did not speak to anyone from outside for years.

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The unfortunate death of the Begum gives rise to the mystery of the place. There is a board in the place which says that the intruders will be killed.

Malcha mahal story is undoubtedly known as a mysterious and haunted in India. However, the truth is that what happened to them was the real terror.

Last Update: Prince Prince has died in December 2017. With this the legacy of the royal family came to an end.

Best time to Visit Malcha Mahal

malcha mahal horro place

  • Opening time of Malcha Mahal. 24 hours.
  • Best time to visit Malcha Mahal. 11:00 AM – 8:00 PM.
  • Free N/A.
  • Best Months to visit Malcha Mahal. All year.

The closest stations to Malcha Mahal are:

  • Bhartiya Sadhu Samaj is 386 meters away, 6 min walk distance.
  • Sikkim House is 489 meters away, 7 min walk distance.
  • Railway Colony (Sardar Patel Marg) is 885 meters away, 12 min walk distance.
  • Shanti Path is 953 meters away, 13 min walk distance.
  • Directions to Malcha Mahal (Delhi) with public transportation
The following transit lines have routes that pass near Malcha Mahal
  • Bus Bus: 703, 720, 729, 740EXT, 770A, 858, RL-77
  • Train Train: EMU 64090, MU 64094

How to Reach Malcha Mahal

By Air: Malcha Mahal Nearest Airport Indira Gandhi Intl Airport 8.8 km.
By Train: Malcha Mahal Nearest Railway Station New Delhi Train Station 5.3 km, H Nizamuddin Railway Station 7.6 km, Ghaziabad Train Station 24.5 km

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