Overnight Desert Safari -Eccentric Camping Experience in Dubai

overnight desert safari

Dubai is not only the land of manmade wonders, sky scrappers, and luxuries. It is the whole window to have insights into the tradition and heritage of Arabia. The most meteoric place that depicts the ethereal beauty and impressive tradition of the UAE is overnight desert safari Dubai. The Emirati archaic region is situated in the southern region of the city as its conservation reserve.

Tourists from around the globe visit this nomadic region for thrills, sightseeing, and recreation. Being an adventure freak, I along with a bunch of friends, packed for an overnight desert safari in Dubai. We went for an overnight expedition. As our tour organizers – Happy Adventures Tourism LLC mentioned the benefits of a night stay at the dunes.

Given that we are a group of adventurists who love to explore the world’s exotic places. And the Dubai desert looks like a dreamy place to explore.

What to Expect From an Overnight Desert Safari in Dubai

1. Get a Pickup

Beginning with a quick pickup right from our hotel in Dubai, the driver from Happy Adventures Tourism LLC took us to the dunes. It was a half an hour ride from the city side and began after the sunset. You can also grab a self-driven package of overnight desert safari in Dubai from your tour planners. Most of them provide free parking spaces to the visitors who come to the terrain without opting for pick and drop services.

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2. Amusing Desert Sports

The desert arena seems to brim with the furious SUVs which is the straight line temptation for thrill-seekers. Furthermore, the twilight saves you from getting sunburned and deprived of hydration. The insane sand activities one may encounter in a desert safari are:

  • Dune Bashing in 4x4s

The topsy-turvy dune bashing ride is the sole purpose of visiting the dunes for many adventure freaks. We had an amazing dune bashing experience along with our tour guide from Happy Adventures Tourism LLC. He led us to the dune arena first, where a furious Nissan Patrol was waiting for us. The excursion across the isolated dunes was total madness.

You can have a dune bashing session in other SUVs as well. There are hummers, wrangler jeeps, land cruisers, buggies, and other off-road vehicles that keep hitting the dunes. Moreover, the 4x4s are driven by skilled professionals who are experts in their work. They’ provide a minimum of fifteen minutes of dune bashing sessions.

  • Quad Biking Thrill

Quad bikes are four-wheelers that are driven solely by some adrenaline junkie. You’ll first get instructed about riding a quad bike across the dunes. Some safety measures will also be mentioned. Once you carry out the essential steps, you are ready to put on your helmet and hit the high sand heaps. A quad biking session is also 10 minutes in a standard desert safari. Also, you may have to pay extra for it if quad biking is exclusive of your itinerary.

  • Surfing on a Sandboard

Sandboarding is a recreational sand activity. In this, the surfers showcase their balancing skills. If you know how to balance on a wooden board, and have practiced enough, then this activity is surely for you. Skiing in the arena of reddening dunes is a pleasant experience. Also, the setting sun cantaloupe highlights you and your skiing maneuvers. So jump off the high dunes while maneuvering over the sandboard & click jaw-dropping silhouettes.

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3. A Bizarre Camping Experience

Camping is the immediate temptation I received being a backpacker. To make sure we have an exotic camping experience, our tour operator from Happy Adventures Tourism LLC provided us all the camping essentials. So we pitched our little tents on the sandbeds, installed snug blankets and rugs in them, and placed our sleeping bags.

A desert camping night is meant to be spent with a sleepy head. In tandem with, the luminosity of the infinite galaxies was enough to leave us in insomnia. Stargazing from the little camps pitched on a sand bed immensely satisfies your inner adventurist.

4. The Great Feast

BBQ dinner is the tempting perk of grabbing an overnight itinerary. We came to this conclusion after having great hospitality by Happy Adventures Tourism LLC. There was a whole feast waiting for us at the buffet station when we arrived back at the campsite. Refreshing drinks rejuvenated us after the crazy terrain sports. Some of us had tea to come back to the scene and get out of dizziness.

Besides this, the buffet station was made tempting w9ith several veg and non-veg dishes. Engulfing those, we experienced great devouring at this nomadic wonderland.

5. From Feast to the Fest

The entertainment festivity begins when the artists start performing on the folk Arabian beats. There is a depiction of the famous Tanoura dance, a high-spirited fire dance, and a fascinating belly dance. These dance forms are the highlights of the live show presented exclusively in an overnight desert safari. Moreover, there is stick dance, khaleeji dance, Zumba, and sword stunts are depicted by professional artists.

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6. Utopian Sunrise

After spending a tranquil night in the arms of the sandy tops, the next morning welcomes a new you into its bliss. Witness the aesthetic beauty of the rising sun from behind the dunes. This is the last happening you’d follow in your overnight desert safari. Spot the rare wildlife, see the flight of birds, and amaze over the stillness of golden dunes. The sunrise views at the dunes are enough to fill you up with gratitude and contentment.


The perks and benefits of opting for an overnight desert safari are infinite for the adventure freaks. From insane desert sports to gazing all night at the galaxies, every claim of team Happy Adventures tourism happened to be true. Spend an unforgettable night under the bare dark blue sky if you love to remain on the go.

Moreover, the overnight expenditure is of good night hours at the dunes. So an overnight itinerary is best for you if you spend a huge amount of time in this nomadic landscape.

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