Top 10 Best Train Routes in India | Beautiful Train Route in India

Top 10 Best Train Routes in India
Top 10 Best Train Routes in India

Top 10 Best Train Routes in India Talking about trains Something starts happening in the mind. Eg: The sound of train chuk-chuk and horn ringing starts coming in the mind.

Top 10 Best Train Routes in India | Beautiful Train Route in India

The feeling of watching the train running on its iron rails and the panoramic views passing through it. It is difficult to describe in words. I will tell you about some such romantic trains in this blog.

1. Kashmir Valley Railway (Jammu-Baramulla)

The Jammu-Baramulla line connects the Kashmir Valley with Jammu and from there it connects to the rest of the country. The 356-kilometer route departs from Jammu and arrives at Baramulla.  The Kashmir Railway is not just beautiful and enticing, but it’s also one of Indian Railways’ most demanding train projects.

The train, in its journey, passes through areas of major earthquake zones, and high altitude mountain passes, of course, through extremely cold terrain.  The cold weather is a hotspot for train travel. Many tourists prefer to come in the cold season to travel in the train. So, while traveling on this train, definitely keep woolen and warm clothes with you. Top 10 Best Train Routes in India

The train as well as the 359 m (1,178 ft) long Chenab Bridge is located on this line. This is the world’s tallest railroad bridge.

Fare :

  • First AC (1A):  INR 1260
  • Second AC (2A): INR 750
  • Third AC (3A):  INR 560
  • Sleeper (SL): INR 205

2. Darjeeling Himalayan Railway (New Jalpaiguri-Darjeeling)

The Darjeeling Himalayan Best Railway Toy Train is a 2 ft gauge railway. Which runs between New Jalpaiguri and Darjeeling, West Bengal. The installation of this toy train began in the late 1870s. And by the 1880s this toy train had already started.

This toy train is about 88 km long. And from New Jalpaiguri, where it rises to around 2,200 feet above sea level, it slowly declines. This toy train uses six zig zags and five loops to gain altitude. Toy train passes through beautiful mountains. And from inside this train you get to see grand views of Kangchenjunga and Mount Everest.

People from all over India and from different parts of the world come to visit Darjeeling for this beautiful yet mighty toy train ride.

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Fare :

  • Diesel Engine Rides: INR 805 (first-class seat)
  • Steam Engine Rides :INR 1405 (first-class seat)

3. Himalayan Queen (Kalka-Shimla)

The historic toy train journey in Shimla was started in 1903 by Lord Curzon. Which takes about 5 hours to cover the journey of about 96 km. It offers an opportunity to travel through beautiful valleys and mountains.

Before reaching Shimla, this train passes through 11 railway stations, 800 bridges, 103 tunnels and many sharp turns. This trip overlooking the beautiful mountains will be one of your most beautiful trips. And you will lose yourself in this train journey.

This toy train of Shimla has also been included in UNESCO World Heritage

Fare :

  • Adult :INR 470 (one way)
  • Child :INR 255 (one way)Top 10 Best Train Routes in India
4. Nilgiri Passenger (Mettupalayam – Ooty)

Like Darjeeling, Shimla, the toy train also runs in Ooty. Whose name is Nilgiri Mountain Train. Which runs between Mettupalayam and Ooty. This train covers a distance of 46 kms to reach its destination. Which passes through the landscape of the countryside, 108 curves, 16 tunnels and 250 bridges. This toy train has also been included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2005.

It was built by the British in 1908 with the aim of returning to a hill station during the scorching summer. The oldest Botanical Garden in the nation is located at Ooty.

It is characterized by deep valleys, dense forests with lush greenery and neatly trimmed green spots of tea gardens (the world famous Nilgiri tea). Because the only train running on this route is Nilgiri Passenger.

That is why the crowd in this train is always more. So booking well in advance is essential. The train passes through narrow tracks before reaching the Queen of Hills‘ of Ooty. This train journey is a seamless blend of peace and tranquility.

Fare :

  • First AC (1A):  INR 545
  • Second AC (2A): INR 250

5. Hubli – Madgaon | Top 10 Best Train Routes in India

The Vasco da Gama route is one of the most exciting train journeys in India. Because this train passes through the majestic Dudhsagar Falls. This view is really beautiful. Water of waterfall falling from above at very high speed. This place is considered a photographer’s paradise. The nearest railway station is Londa Junction. where you can land You can immerse yourself in its beauty.

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The Vasco da Gama route covers an approximate distance of 180 km between And it takes about 4 hours to fix this. A few trains ply in this picturesque route including Tirupati Vasco Da Gama Express, Amaravati Express and Chennai Vasco Express.

Fare :

  • Second AC (2A): INR 760
  • Third AC (3A):  INR 540
  • Sleeper (SL): INR 205
  • Second (S2): INR 115

6. Mandovi Express | Madgaon (Goa) to Mumbai

Nestled between the Sahyadri Hills in the east and the Arabian Sea in the west, the Konkan Railway is an astonishing route to Mumbai. Which hugs the south-west coast of India.

The British considered its construction. But that left Indians to bore through mountains, cross hundreds of rivers, and build 92 tunnels and 2,000 bridges, of which the Panvalnadi bridge is currently the highest bridge in India.

Train doors are usually left open on this breathtaking journey that takes you through sunny paddy fields lined with coconut and mango groves, small villages soaked in wild flowers, and endless stretches of water leading to the sea .


  • First AC (1A):  INR 2610
  • Second AC (2A): INR 1540
  • Third AC (3A):  INR 1070
  • Sleeper (SL): INR 390

7. Matheran Hill Railway (Matheran – Neral) | Top 10 Best Train Routes in India

Matheran Hill Railway lets you free yourself from the stress of everyday life, and enjoy a train ride through the lush greenery. This journey takes travelers to an old world. Where they can mingle with nature. This toy train was started in the year 1907.

What are you watching today? He was relegated in 2018. It climbs a steep slope. Which is more than about 2600 ft. Hence, the train ride is slow. And it takes more than 2 hours to cover the shortest distance.

Matheran Hill Toy Train stops at three stations. Creeps through many gorges and tunnels. The smaller engine comes with first and second class carriages accommodating approximately 100 passengers. Shared jeeps also ply on this route. But taking a toy train ride is an experience that you will always cherish..

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Fare :

  • First-class :INR 300 (adults), 180 (children)
  • Second Class :INR 75 (adults), INR 45 (children)
8. Maharaja Express | Top 10 Best Train Routes in India

The Maharaja Express is well renowned for being our nation’s priciest luxury train. The dining car, lounge, bar, internet access, and adjoining bathrooms are all appealing. The luxurious lifestyle of royalty may be seen while travelling by train between Mumbai and Delhi. Indian Railways and the Tourism Corporation are in charge of operating Maharaja Express.

The ancient Ajanta Caves are reached by a planned route on the Maharaja Express that passes via the city of Mumbai. This continues to Udaipur’s Lake City. passes Jaipur and Jodhpur. You will also get a glimpse of Ranthambore’s world-famous Taj Mahal and India’s wildlife. When you arrive in Delhi, your journey is finally done.

Maharaja Express Train fare

 9. Sethu Superfast Express (Chennai Egmore -Rameswaram)

A superfast train in the Southern Railway zone is called the Setu Superfast Express.. Which covers a distance of 602 kms in approximately 10.50 hrs.

It has its share of adventures and is not just one of the most beautiful and amazing railway lines in India. The Pamban Bridge across the sea is passed by this railway. Mandapam on the Indian mainland connects the city with Rameswaram. Just imagine a train traveling over the vast ocean on both sides and huge waves scattering across the track.


  • First AC (1A):  INR 2260
  • Second AC (2A): INR 1340
  • Third AC (3A):  INR 950
  • Sleeper (SL): INR 360

10. Kollam-Sengottai Chord Line | Top 10 Best Train Routes in India

The Kollam-Sengottai railway line is the oldest in South India. Which runs only between Kollam Junction in the state of Kerala and Sengottai in Tamil Nadu. This railway has been in use for more than a century. Because it has been completely converted to broad gauge. Now it is fully operational from Kollam Junction to Shengottai.

The Palaruvi and Kazuthurutty Falls and the Thenmala Eco-Tourism Center lie on the borders of this line. Which makes the Courtallam Falls popular among nature lovers. It also provides a view of the 13 Kannara Bridge, often known as the 13 Arch Bridge due to its 13 arches.


  • Third AC (3A):  INR 500
  • Second AC (2A): INR 705
  • Sleeper (SL): INR 145
  • General (GL): INR120
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