Top 20 Places to Visit Gujarat | Top Attraction in Gujarat Tourism

Top 20 places to visit gujarat

Top 20 Places to Visit Gujarat | Top attraction in Gujarat Tourism

Statue of Unity

Top 20 places to visit gujarat Statue of Unity A Notch above the Rest Situated at sadhu bet near Sardar Sarovar Dam. The Statue of Unity is the World’s Tallest Statue (182 pts.) paying a fitting tribute to Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel, the ‘Irom Man of India’ of this Colossal monument is an ode to his visionary statesmanship and shall stand as a beacon to future generations and as the pride of India. Best places to visit Gujarat

Dandi Kutir Walk Mahatma

Dandi Kutir Walk with the Mahatma, Unlike conversation museums with exhibitions of objects. Dandi Kutir Museum is an interpretive narrative museum that uses technology and multimedia to put you in the shoes of mahatma Gandhi to learn and experience the important moments of his life.

The magical use of technology takes you so close to his life. that it is the nearest thing to walking with the mahatma.

Ahmedabad’s World Heritage City

Ahmedabad’s World Heritage City Status is quite befitting. Its value glory and magnificence will be preserved more and showcased for the amazement of visitors from around the world.

The important heritage structures of Ahmedabad include the pol. Bhadra Fort, Sidi Saiyyed Mosque, Jhulta Minar, Dada Hari Ni Vav, Kalupur Swaminarayan Mandir, Gallico Dome. Teen Darwaza, and the Jama Masjid.

Adalaj Step Well | Top 20 places to visit gujarat

Adalaj Step Well, worth it. Indo-Islamic architecture shines brilliantly at this subterranean well dating back to 1499 AD. Climb down the five stories depth in sheer awe at the exquisite carvings on the stone walls and pillars. Apart from deities, scenes from the life of the bygone eras are charmingly beautiful.

Rani Ki Vav

Rani Ki Vav Capture the splendor of stone Welcome to rani ki vav, at Patan, Often referred to as the queen among step wells in India. It was built in memory of a Solanki king. by his rani (Queen). Relive the golden times basking in the wondrous architecture. Enjoy rhythm, Vigour, and beauty carved in stone.

Dholavira Trip

A trip to Dholavira, the fifth largest Harappan site in the world, is a journey back in time. Leaving Rapar, the nearest town at 100 km. and driving through the vast saline desert plains of the Great Rann, you will feel the modern age vanishing briskly to slowly reveal the ambiance of a bygone time.

Maharaja Places

Visit the extravagant maharaja places which is four times the size of the Buckingham Places and was built by Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad III in 1890. Within these royal places, one can view a remarkable collection of old armory and spectacular sculptures in bronze, marble, and terracotta by fellici.


Somnath Enlighten your being Explore one of the twelve Jyotirlinga Shrines of God Shiva, where the singing of prayers and the pounding of the waves lift your spirit. It is believed that this ancient temple was ingeniously constructed in 4 plates, first in gold by Lord Soma in silver by Ravi, in wood by Lord Krishna, and in stone by King Bhimdeva.

Dwarkadhish Temple

Dwarka Discover the doors to heaven and salvation Discover one of the seven holiest places of Hindu in India. the legendary Dwarkadhish temple has two ‘Dwars’ (doors) – Swarg Dwar’ door to salvation to exit. located at the ‘ Sangam‘ confluence of the Gomati River and the Arabian sea, this temple has been submerged six times and resurrected from ruins.


Situated on the summit of gabber hill, near the vedie, virgin Saraswati river on the hills of the Arasur forest is the legendary holy Ambaji temple. A holy Lamp is constantly burning in this hill temple facing visa Shree yantra of NIJ mandir of Mata Shri Arasuri Ambica.


This miraculous temple city, built as a home for the Gods, is situated at the top of the Shatrunjaya hills with 3,800 steps to enter.

The significance of this blessed area is reflected in the fact that on this mountain alone there are clusters of 1300 Jain temples and more than 27000 idols of Jain gods. It is regarded by the Jain community as the most sacred pilgrimage place where pilgrims ascend to.

Sun Temple |Top 20 places to visit gujarat

Intricately carved and articulately designed this historical sun temple is dedicated to the Hindu Sun-god: Surya. What is remarkable is that at dawn during the equinoxes the sun’s rays illuminate the sanctum sanctorum.

Pilgrimage Places

One of the largest tourist and pilgrimage places in the state of Gujarat is Pavagadh. It is situated 35 km away from the city of Vadodara. The whole region is largely forested and very picturesque.

There are also several sacred sites that annually draw millions. The temple of Maa Mahakalika. Haveli machi. Sites worth visiting are the Temple of Kali and Sadanshah Pir Dargah.


Located at the foothills of Pavagadh, Champaner is the only world heritage site of Gujarat. The main attraction is the ancient fort of Champaner which is surrounded by lower hillocks, escarpments and plateau, all resulting from volcanic eruptions and flowing lava.

The entire landscape for miles around is scattered with pastoral surroundings of fort walls, tombs, gardens, arches, pillars, and wells. What is more, Champaner has been inscribed by UNESCO as World Heritage in 2004. Major sites: Shehar ki Masjid, Jami Masjid, Kawada, and Nagina Majid.

Mount Girnar Junagadh Climb | Top 20 places to visit gujarat

Mount Girnar Junagadh Climb the summit of Spirituality An entire mountain range with centuries-old temples in its different summits – that is the unusual setting of Mount Girnar. Climb up the 9000 old steps to fulfil an uplifting adventure. 866 Hindu and Jain temples are spread over the five summits of Girnar.


Environs Encounter Nature

The environs Encounter nature in all its untamed beauty and glory. The lush green Gir Forest abound s with a variety of beautiful flora and fauna which will keep you fascinated and delighted, Be it the mighty lions or the colorful birds. the Gir forest promises to be full of excitement and adventure.

BlackBuck Sanctuary

Black Buck Sanctuary Velavadar National Park along the Gulf of Khambhat is one of the last strands of grasslands in the area. Where many species of animals and birds roam freely. Velavadar’s prime charm is the blackbuck running and leaping over its undulating grasslands. see magnificent Indian Blackbuck in its natural habits.

Little Rann of Kutch

Little Rann of Kutch Feels Awestruck at nature this remarkable landscape of the little Rann is a Vast unbroken bare flat land encrusted with salts covering horizon to horizon in every direction. Post monsoon its transformation to a coastal wetland is simply spectacular. Irresistible sights and unforgettable await you at this only haven of the Asiatic Wild Ass in the World.

Nal Sarovar | Top 20 places to visit gujarat

A vast variety of birds and aquatic creatures make your day at Nal Sarovar. It is the largest water-based bird sanctuary in India. the lake and the wetlands are home to migrant birds traveling down from as far away as central Europe. Don’t miss this birdwatcher’s paradise.

Vijaynagar Taluka of Sabarkantha District

At the Vijaynagar Taluka of Sabarkantha District are a virgin and peaceful forest hideaway nestled in the Aravalli mountain range. Beautiful Places to Visit Gujarat

The uniqueness of the 400sqkm forest range is that it houses a royal refuge said to be of Maharana Pratap. Admire the ruins of the fort and also be awed by a great variety of animal and bird species living in the apparent solitude. Most Places to Visit in Gujarat

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