Travel jobs in Telangana

Travel jobs in Telangana

The travel industry is one of the big industry in the world Travel industry is like an agency. Travel provides private and public travel and tourism services in India to the public. These services like transport, accommodation, food and beverages, supply the goods one place to another place.

If any country of economy Travel industry play the key role. Travel industry provides the lot of jobs and generates the economy on the every country. If any country want to develop must and should be strength on this travel industry.

There is a little bit difference between on travel industry and tourism industry. Generally tourism industry includes only provide tourism place services like travel facilities for tourist, their accommodation and hospitality.


Travel jobs in Telangana

Telangana is the one of the top famous tourism places having. Mainly here two side (transportation and tourism) required industry. In this way, tourism in Telangana so many places are available like

  1. Tourism places:- in Telangana there are so many tourism places to visit like CHARMINAR, GOLKONDA, SALARJUNG MESUEM, NTR GARDAN, HUSSAINSAGAR, BUDDHA STATUE and many imported parks are exit. Here we can join the tourist guide.

There is more opportunity in the travel industry.

In this regard travel industry took place the 10.2% on the global economy. In this way, so many jobs are providing.


Generally, many people are thinking about the travel industry, mainly provides transportation.

Not only transportation it provides so many services as we discuss below. Travel industry provides their service different way like railways, airways, waterways and roadway

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In travel industry, another sector will place the key role of the sector. After long-distance travel, travellers must should stay for rest and fresh up. So there will be another source to providing jobs for the people. To set up a five-star hotel, gaming points, swimming fools restrooms.

Food and beverages

It’s the main need of every traveller. Its essential need of every traveller. So this is one of the best ways to create jobs for local peoples. Establish of restaurants, hotels, breakfast, dabha hotels and bakers cafe days


In travel, industry entertainment will play an interesting and important role. This the major factor on the travel industry. To establish a casino it provides a gambling activity to provide gaming’s card games through most entertainment.

Another one of the factor shopping. In travel industry one of the key factors is shopping mainly important thing provides local things to buy and have it

Above factors are place the key role on the travel industry. There is lot of job opportunity in travel industry

Airline pilot

In travel industry airline pilot is the best job. So many facilities are available in this job. Best carear choice. Airline pilots fly a passengers and cargo safely for business. Its only commercial puposes. In their duties daily checking the passengers list safely fly the passengers. To become a pilot officer there are so many courses are available.

Flight attendants

Flight attendants is the one of the best choice to do a job on travel industry. Mainly their role to help the passengers, they are prepare to serve the drinks, and food. In some time there are prepare to help first aid some medical emergency time. They are speak several language they are especially trained for that.

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Airline customer service agent

Airline customer service agent is the man who was the organized safety and their luggage safely boards the right aircraft at the right time. He was fully monitoring the full responsibility of airway system.

Airport information assistant

His responsibility was to provide the full information of plights tickets, boarding points, timing all information he should have and help the passengers.

Cabin crew

Here so many people are working this position. Cabin crew was help the make sure that airline passengers a have a comfortable safe and pleasant flight .

Hotel manager

Hotel manager is the one of the key role on traveller hospitality. He provides all accommodation for traveller’s food, breakfast, dinner like that. He will run a hotel day to a day life for travellers.

Travel blogger

Similar to the write travel information and all details. Like important places, transportation, accommodation of full information he will help to to the traveller.

Not only these jobs , so here many jobs are available in travel industry

Ares with the quickest occupation development

Jobs are very growing in the industry because travel and tourism are growing sector. In this area few jobs are quickly growing in industry this area will provide lot of job opportunity to the job seekers. Throughout the travel industry nearly 70% jobs are created yearly.

Where travel occupations are blasting

Traveler work expanded in very one of the all countries last 2010 to 2020 as of now usa traveller association report most of the jobs are provided through the travel industry.


Required job skill

This is the service type of industry. Here we need assistant support, so first we expect patience, flexibility and attitude and also good communication skill also required mainly we focused on international language are required. As the travel industry experts association with individual from various and societies.

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