This lush green oasis in the heart of the city is perfect for a leisurely stroll or a picnic. It also houses the State Library and the High Court of Karnataka. 

01. Cubbon Park

Known for its stunning botanical artwork, glasshouse, and a wide variety of plants, Lalbagh is a great place for nature enthusiasts. 

02. Lalbagh Botanical Garden 

This imposing government building is an architectural marvel and is beautifully lit up at night. It's a symbol of Karnataka's democracy. 

03. Vidhana Soudha 

This Tudor-style palace is a great example of the city's architectural heritage. It often hosts cultural events and exhibitions. 

04. Bangalore Palace 

The International Society for Krishna Consciousness has a beautiful temple in Bangalore, known for its grand architecture and peaceful ambiance. 

05. ISKCON Temple 

If you want to escape the city and enjoy some nature, Nandi Hills is a short drive away. It offers panoramic views and is a popular spot for sunrise. 

06. Nandi Hills

This park is a great place for wildlife enthusiasts. It has a zoo, a butterfly park, and a safari park with a variety of animals. 

07. Bannerghatta National Park 

You can go boating or simply relax by the lake. It's a nice place to unwind in the midst of the city. 

08. Ulsoor Lake

This temple is known for its massive bull sculpture and is dedicated to Nandi, the mount of Lord Shiva. 

09. Bull Temple 

Located about 90 km from Bangalore, these falls are a great place for a day trip and offer a scenic view. 

10. Chunchi Falls