1. Rock Garden: A lovely garden decorated with rock and mineral sculptures, resulting in a distinctive and creative feeling.

2. Hundru Falls:  is a beautiful waterfall that cascades from a height of roughly 98 meters and is located about 45 km from Ranchi. 

3. Pahari Mandir: is a well-known temple for Lord Shiva that is perched on a hill. It provides sweeping views of Ranchi's cityscape and its surroundings.

4. Tagore Hill: which bears the name of the famous poet Rabindranath Tagore, offers an idyllic setting and an amazing view of its setting sun.  

5. Birsa Zoological Park: This zoo is home to a broad range of animals, including tigers, lions, elephants, and several bird species. 

6. Dassam Falls: About 40 kilometres from Ranchi, Dassam Falls is a stunning waterfall that draws tourists with its unspoiled surroundings and unspoiled natural beauty.

7. Ranchi Lake: is a created by humans body of water that is encircled by gorgeous greenery and is situated in the centre of the city.  

8. Sun Temple: The Sun Temple, a spectacular architectural wonder dedicated to the Sun God, is located at Tatisilwai, some 16 km from Ranchi.

9. Patratu Valley: The valley, which is around 40 km from Ranchi, is renowned for its beautiful beauty and verdant surroundings.  

10. Kanke Dam: Kanke Dam, which is around 15 km from Ranchi, is a well-liked picnic spot with a tranquil reservoir and lovely environs. 

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