1. Aga Khan Palace 

This historic palace is a symbol of India's freedom struggle. It's also known for its beautiful architecture and serene gardens. 

2. Shaniwar Wada

This historic fort is a popular tourist attraction known for its architectural grandeur. The light and sound show in the evening is worth attending. 

3. Sinhagad Fort

Located a short drive from Pune, this fort offers stunning views of the surrounding landscape and is rich in history.

4. Parvati Hill

This hill provides a panoramic view of the city and hosts several temples, including the Parvati Temple, which is dedicated to the goddess Parvati. 

5. Pataleshwar Cave Temple 

An ancient rock-cut cave temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, it's known for its intricate carvings and historic significance. 

6. Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum

This museum houses a vast collection of artifacts, including sculptures, decorative items, musical instruments, and more, showcasing the cultural heritage of India. 

7. Rajiv Gandhi Zoological Park 

A well-maintained zoo with a wide variety of animals and a dedicated section for reptiles. 

8. Lal Mahal 

A reconstructed historic palace known for its association with Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and its red brick architecture.

9. Shinde Chhatri

A memorial dedicated to the Maratha nobleman Mahadji Shinde, known for its splendid architecture and intricate carvings.

10. Bird Watching

Visit areas like Bhigwan Bird Sanctuary and Sinhagad Valley for bird watching, especially during the winter when migratory birds visit the region.