Doddabetta Peak

The country's most beautiful mountain peaks may be found in South India, where Doddabetta Peak is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful.

Nilgiri Hills Ooty Train

In the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, near the junction of the Western and Eastern Kutch, in the Nilgiri Ooty Toy Train Hills, sits Doddabetta Peak.

Doddabetta Trek In Nilgiri

At 2637 metres, Doddabetta is the Nilgiri Hills' tallest peak (8650 feet). The peak is surrounded by a restricted forest area.

Telescopes In Doddabetta

The public can utilize the two telescopes in the observatory at the summit of Doddabetta to take in the stunning view view of the entire area.

10km Doddabetta Trek & Ooty 

10 km distance you from the Ooty bus stop. In order to visit other places in the afternoon, try to travel early in the morning.

360 View In Doddabetta Trek

360 angles of beauty abound. On one side, Ooty City. On the other side, Kotagiri (far away).

Waterfall in Doddabetta Trek

Visit this beautiful location early in the morning to avoid the crowds, experience the sunrise, and take in the views of the lush green valleys.