01. Somnath Temple: One of Gujarat's most well-known and significant temples, Somnath Temple is situated in the Saurashtra area.

02. Rann of Kutch:  A large, white desert in the state's northern region, renowned for its breathtaking sunsets and ethnic celebrations.

03. Sabarmati Ashram:  Mahatma Gandhi's residence and administrative centre during the Indian independence movement.

04. Gir Forest National Park:  A natural safety, Gir Forest National Park is home to the imperilled Asiatic lion.

05. Dwarkadhish Temple:   A Hindu temple honouring Lord Krishna that is situated there.

06. Statue of Unity:   The Statue of Unity is the highest statue in the world and honours the eminent Indian leader Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel.

07. Junagadh:  A city famed for its historical landmarks including the Uparkot Fort, Mahabat Maqbara, and the Junagadh Buddhist Cave.

08. Modhera Sun Temple:  A  Hindu temple in the Mehsana district called the Modhera Sun Temple is dedicated to the Sun God.

09. Bhuj:  The Kutch region's Bhuj, a city renowned for its handicrafts, palaces, and temples, Aina Mahal Palace, Prag Mahal, Kutch Museum.

10. Kirti Mandir:  The Mahatma Gandhi memorial and historical site Kirti Mandir is located in Porbandar.