A historic coastal city called Kozhikode is well-known for its stunning beaches, interesting attractions, and delectable food. The Pazhassiraja Museum, Beypore Beach

01. Kozhikode  

In the Western Ghats' foothills, Palakkad is known for its green vistas, peaceful lakes, and historic forts. Palakkad Fort, the Silent Valley National Park.

02. Palakkad  

The coastal town of Kannur is well-known for its immaculate beaches, authentic Theyyam performances, and old forts. It is worthwhile to see Payyambalam Beach.


Marari Beach, which is in the Alappuzha district, is a tranquil and less-frequented beach area. It provides serene settings, beautiful sunsets. 

04. Marari Beach 

This beautiful hill town is well-known for its pine trees, tea farms, and cloudy valleys. In this destinations Kurisumala, Thangal Para, and the Vagamon Meadows.

05. Vagamon 

This town, which is close to Thiruvananthapuram, is renowned for its backwaters, estuary, and immaculate beaches.

06. Poovar  

Athirapally and Vazhachal Waterfalls: These magnificent cascades, which are close to Thrissur, are encircled by verdant trees. 

07. Athirapally 

Kasaragod district's Bekal Fort is a large the coastline fort with beautiful building.

08. Bekal 

A hill town noted for its foggy mountains, tea and coffee plantations, and hiking routes, Nelliampathy is located in the Palakkad area.

09. Nelliyampathy

Although it takes place in a specific location, Thrissur Pooram is an annual temple a party.

10. Thrissur